B-cycle gets ready to hibernate for the winter

This is your second to last weekend to take a ride on a B-cycle before the bikes are pulled from the streets for the winter on December 6. The now-iconic red bikes made their debut last April and will return for on March 1, 2011 after a brief hibernation. The original closing date had been December 1, but the city decided to keep the B-cycle stations open a little longer for the National League of Cities expo.

Over the winter, Denver Bike Share will "review the first season, make operational adjustments and do a bike maintenance overhaul along with some IT enhancements," says spokesman Brent Tongco. "We are also going to examine the feasibility of staying open for future winters and improving our user experience when it comes to the kiosk."

Denver Bike Sharing is currently finalizing "where exactly we are storing all these bikes. It might be out in Aurora, but there might be something closer to downtown," he says.

In the meantime, some (un)lucky B-cycler will get a special honor next year. As of November 22, there had been 99,914 B-cycle riders in Denver. The 100,000th will get to have his or her face plastered on one of the B-cycle baskets for all of 2011.

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