Balloon Boy meets the Keyboard Cat

Oh... my... God... The Balloon Boy story, which was happily but bizarrely resolved yesterday with the safe discovery of six-year-old Falcon Heene, took another twist last night, when Falcon implied during an appearance on CNN with correspondent Wolf Blitzer (it's excerpted above) that the whole extravaganza had been "a show."

Dad Richard Heene -- who, you've got to admit, vibes creepazoid -- is clearly a publicity whore par excellence, and that's only fueled hoax rumors. But is it really possible he thought he could keep Falcon on script for the rest of his life when most six-year-olds would have trouble not telling Grandma that she smells funny? Got a feeling we'll find out before long. In the meantime, at least one YouTuber is already sick of this tale -- hence the video above, in which the famed Keyboard Cat is seen playing off the entire Heene clan. He's in the minority, though. The Heene's "experimental craft" may have landed, but the Balloon Boy saga should keep going up and up and up.

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