Barack Obama and a blizzard hitting Denver today: It's Snobama!

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Obama! Snow! A flurry of announcements started coming in yesterday, all indicating that Denver is on a collision course with a made-for-TV disaster. President Barack Obama is coming to town for two fundraisers tonight, as well as one public appearance tomorrow, inspiring a number of official and unofficial political activities. And at the same time the city is gearing up to handle all that traffic, it's preparing to deal with the first big snow of the season. It's SNOBAMA!

The always-weather-obsessed mainstream media would be in a lather over the season's first Winter Weather Warning and an impending snowstorm -- one inch, two inches, six inches, eight? -- even without the implications of what the storm could do to presidential travel. So what if it was patio weather yesterday? Tonight, there should be a blizzard of chilling photo opps!

While the Denver Department of Public Works gears up to keep the streets clear of snow, the Denver Police Department is working on plans to keep downtown streets clear of traffic during Obama's fundraisers tonight at the Pepsi Center, which hosted the Democratic National Convention where Obama was nominated three years ago, and at the president's public appearance tomorrow at the Auraria campus, where he'll talk about jobs (presumably not keeping his own; that's fodder for the fundraisers).

Here's the announcement on the road closures:

Denver Police Announce Upcoming Road Closures

(Denver) In preparation for the upcoming presidential visit, the following road closures will be in effect:

ROAD CLOSURES: From Tuesday Oct. 25 4:00 PM to Wednesday Oct. 26 12:00 PM Arapahoe St. Closed from 13th St. to 15th St. Lawrence St. Closed from Speer Blvd to 15th St. No Access allowed. 14th St. Closed from Larimer St.(1300) to mid 1000 Block (Curtis)

*Officers will attempt to accommodate business travel near the area, however alternative routes are strongly advised.

Then there's the avalanche of political action that will descend on the scene, including two marches today -- one by the Metropolitan Organization of People, pushing the DREAM Act, the other by Native Americans and others who oppose the Trans-Canada, Keystone-XL oil pipeline, who'll also gather at Auraria tomorrow. And, of course, there are the Occupy Denver protesters, still huddled on the sidewalk outside the State Capitol, facing the first winter storm warning of the season.

It's a blizzard of activity! It's a SNOBAMA!

No word yet on whether Denver International Airport is gearing up to shelter the president in those underground tunnels, as was rumored during Obama's visit last month. But in the meantime, the makers of the Snobama globe above might want to get busy making a version with real snow...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.