Barack Obama's selective service records accessed by CO Springs birther Greg Hollister?

Update below: The latest bizarre twist in Birther Nation's assault on President Barack Obama has a special home-state flavor.

Colorado Springs-based retired Colonel Greg Hollister claims to have surreptitiously accessed Obama's selective-service records, which call into question if he was born in Hawaii, as he insists. But do they instead imply that he was born in... Connecticut?

The Hollister story first cropped up on a website called GrateWire. Charley Doane-Serph starts his post like so:

Col. Greg Hollister, USAF (Ret.) contacted the Selective Service, falsely impersonated President Obama, improperly registered his own address as President Obama's address, and by this false impersonation and identity theft he managed to obtain a duplicate registration acknowledgement card with President Obama's Selective Service information on it.

This may violate several federal criminal statutes, and apparently caused the federal record of President Obama's address with the Selective Service to be altered to show that he lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Hollister then sent the stolen draft card to Orly Taitz, who filed it in federal court.

The item also includes an image of the document. Here it is:

The Colorado Springs Gazette soon picked up the story and contacted Hollister, the man behind a January 18 lawsuit challenging Obama's American citizenship, which the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear. Hollister told the paper he'd broken no laws in obtaining the paperwork, which he says features a never-issued Social Security number. In addition, there's this Gazette snippet:

Hollister said the Social Security number on what he says is Obama's draft registration begins with the numbers 042, which would be issued to someone born in Connecticut, not Hawaii.

Last I heard, Connecticut is part of the United States rather than the property of Kenya. Presumably, then, the theory is that the document was phonied up to cover Foreigner Obama's tracks -- but whoever did the deed was so sloppy that he or she neglected to invent a Social Security number that corresponded to Hawaii.

J'accuse! Or not.

Update: Just got a note maintaining that the Hollister story actually first cropped up on TheFogbow.com, whose slogan is "Falsehoods unchallenged only fester and grow." To check it out, click here.

More from our News archive: "Terrence Lakin, birther Lieutenant Colonel refusing to honor Obama's "illegal" orders to serve in Afghanistan, is a Colorado native -- naturally."

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