Becky Due Wants to Take Your Call

Call her, just don’t call her bitch.

Becky Due is a Colorado-based feminist author who’s been through the shelters and skid row. Men have walked all over her, beat her, and for a long time Due allowed herself to be a victim. Then she picked up a pen and started scribing her emotions- transformed into advice through fictional tales ( "Bitch, bitch, bitch," July 27, 2006).

Although Due succeeded in getting her life back together, a campaign of hers to get the word “bitch” out of use in a derogatory way doesn’t seem to have gained worldwide momentum just yet. But Due’s not deterred, hosting a new, women-only “fun girl talk” on Wednesday nights to discuss issues both domestic and foreign.

“Are you down more than you’re up? Do you wonder where all your friends have gone? We are right here!,” Due writes to members of her list-serv. “And it’s free! Call in tomorrow night and find yourself and some great friends.”

Call at 7:15 p.m., 1-800-391-1709 with bridge code 553265. The rules include no swearing, no interrupting and no man-hating.

But there’s sure to be a lot of bitchin’. -Luke Turf

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Crystal Preston-Watson