Ben Kronberg to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

“I’m trying to keep it in perspective,” says standup comedian and Denver expat Ben Kronberg of his upcoming, stand-up comedy set on Jimmy Kimmel Live, airing Wednesday night on ABC at 11 p.m MST. “But I also want to be able to function with its full potential. I really just hope it makes it easier for me to get a set at any given place.”

Since leaving the fecund Denver comedy scene that reared him late last year, his new home Los Angeles has done anything but throw stage time his way. He estimates that he performs around two to three times a week, but reports that he really has to hustle to land those gigs, whereas in Denver, three shows a week was a minimum for the comedian, replete with a loyal following. But Kronberg knew it would be this way – big fish, small pond and all – and he’s just psyched to get to show what he’s got on national television, and for the doors that such an appearance will inevitably open.

“Last night I did a show where absolutely no one was paying attention,” he says from his Koreatown apartment. “Tonight I get to be on a TV show.”

And not just any TV show, one where Johnny Knoxville is one of the guests!

“I would love the chance to get to meet Steve-O,” Kronberg says with a laugh. “Or any of the lesser Jackassians. That would really complete the ideal successful set for me.” -- Adam Cayton-Holland

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.