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Benjamin Szycher busted after racial-slurring, F-bombing, cop-punching outburst

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During his recent arrest in Boulder, Benjamin Szycher insisted that he was being fitted for cuffs in violation of his First Amendment rights; get details from the vivid police report on view below. And he certainly used his speech freely during a bizarre incident that allegedly included him punching a cop.

According to the report, the incident got underway just after midnight on September 21, when a Boulder Police officer received a report of criminal mischief at 1222 Pearl Street, an address in the heart of the pedestrian mall. He was walking near that spot with bystanders when a young man later identified as Szycher approached from eastbound Pearl Street, made eye-contact with the officer, and reportedly (and loudly) said, "Did you guys hear about the Boulder cop who raped that chick?"

To what incident is Szycher referring? The one involving former Boulder officer Christian McCracken, who resigned last month in the wake of attempted-murder allegations, not rape? Or was he simply launching a random provocation? Hard to pin down -- but he's said to have followed up this question with the statement, "That's fucked up, dude. You guys got to get that shit under control."

At that point, the officer recalls telling Szycher to keep his voice down -- an edict the soon-to-be suspect answered with a "Fuck off," the narrative maintains.

The situation could have ended there, but the report says Szycher then encountered a group of females who apparently gave him the stink eye, prompting him to yell, "Mind your fucking business."

The officer and a colleague then ordered Szycher to sit down on a nearby brick wall, to which Szycher allegedly said, "You can't do shit, you nigger pig."

An officer then grabbed Szycher's left wrist and repeated the sit-down demand. However, the narrative says Szycher wasn't any more receptive the second time around, initially struggling to get free, then trying to slug one of the officers in the face. That reportedly caused the second officer to lose his footing, at which point Szycher is accused of punching him in the neck.

Continue to read what happened next in the Benjamin Szycher case and see the police report and more. This gambit allowed Szycher to break free of the officers' hold, and he allegedly ran westbound on Pearl, then across Broadway. The cops followed, with one drawing a gun and the other gripping a Taser. They eventually located their quarry in an alley and ordered him to raise his hands over his head, and he complied, but in a manner the cops saw as indicating he might rabbit again. He's accused of resisting as they tried to pin one arm behind his back.

His mouth was working fine, though. "You fucking twat motherfuckers," the report quotes him as saying. "You are arresting me for freedom of speech. Break my fucking arm, you cock."

Said arm didn't break as cuffs were being secured and two more officers arrived. Meanwhile, Szycher kept jabbering. Quotes include: "Come on, you fucking little Queef. [Urban Dictionary definition of 'queef:' a vaginal fart.] You nigger bitch. Ram my face into the fucking dirt. You are little bitches. It took two of you to take me down."

Next, Szycher was hobbled by the cops -- something he apparently didn't enjoy much, since he's accused of trying to bite and spit at one officer. So his head was fitted with a spit sock, too.

This piece of apparel didn't prevent the wit and wisdom from continuing during an ambulance ride to Boulder County Jail. He shouted, apparently at an EMT, "Hey, faggot. How old are you? You are, like, fifteen, right?"

He added, "I've been to jail before" -- presumably due to previous busts in Louisville and Broomfield, on charges ranging from third-degree assault to resisting arrest. "This ain't nothin' but a paycheck. You just made me money, you fucking twat. We'll see what happens when I'm outta jail and suing your ass, you nigger fuck."

The threatened lawsuit hasn't appeared yet, but charges against Szycher have. He was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, attempted assault and obstructing a police officer. Look below to get a better view of his mug shot, followed by the police report.

Benjamin Szycher Arrest Report

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