Best DIA conspiracy video ever!

Don't let the headline mislead you. The two-part Youtube vid "The Mysteries of the Denver Airport" still contains the blatant factual inaccuracies and staggering leaps of logic that bedevil all the theories on the internet that seek to link the Denver International Airport to a massive international conspiracy involving the Illuminati, reptilian aliens and the New World Order.

What raises this video by Zahra Malik and Chris Cheong above the fray is the production quality (again, not a difficult fray to rise above) that includes spooky music, dramatic voice overs and sinister photo juxtapositions that could make the producers of 48 Hours quiver.

"Any traveler to the Denver Airport, Colorado, is in for a scary experience," the narrator begins. She goes on to ask why DIA's runways sorta look like a swastika, why the Queen of England is buying up land near the airport, and why there's a dedication stone in the main terminal that lists the New World Airport Commission when there is "no such thing!!!"

Of course, all of these assertions were debunked by yours truly in what remains the most comprehensive look at DIA conspiracy theories (again, not saying much). Malik and Cheong brought a little more ambition to their project, but the thing that is the most annoying about all these so-called experts on Denver's airport is that they keep repeating the same false shit, like that the murals by Denver artist Leo Tanguma were changed (they were not), or that DIA's predecessor, Stapleton Airport, was a perfectly fine and thoroughly modern transportation hub (uh, not really).

What this shows is that many of the people propagating DIA conspiracy theories are not only non-Denverites, they've never even been to the airport they claim is so sinister. Even ghost hunters, 9-11 truthers and UFO freaks come up with little measurment gadgets and perform demonstrable pseudo-research to further their obsessions -- the DIA conspiracy, as one of the world's greatest, deserves the same level of committment. -- Jared Jacang Maher



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Jared Jacang Maher