Best of Denver readers poll's funniest answers: Is Hooter's really a good break-up restaurant?

It's always fascinating to see what comes out of our Best of Denver Readers' Poll -- especially the silly, snarky answers we get to some of our questions. We learned that jokes about your mom are still (apparently) funny, that many of you watch Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy more frequently than your local news, and that several of you don't know what Foursquare -- or a blog -- is. Keep reading for what we think were the Best Answers to select Readers' Poll questions.

Best place to people-watch:

Your mom's house

#15 bus

on top of the sink

Best Colorado person to watch:

The dude that speed walks with a tall boy, no shirt, jeans, and high tops

Me (that was one of the most common answers -- who knew Denver had so many narcissists?)

Your mom


Peter Parker

Balloon boy

Best guess for next mayor:

My dog Mr. Jack

Charles Barkley

Charlie Sheen


Santa Claus

some asshole


Who's running?

Jake Jabs

Donald Duck

Bob Barker

Your mom (who's obviously been very busy)

Best place to be a Foursquare mayor:

Casa Bonita


The mayor's office

Planned Parenthood



that ass

Shotgun Willie's

Best political blog/website:


Best radio DJ:

Radio still exists?

Best TV anchor:

Ron Burgundy

Colin Firth

Walter Cronkite

Best TV Sportscaster:

Champ Kind

Best TV weathercaster:

Brick Tamland

The hot one

Best hair on a TV personality -- female:

Heidi Montag

Best guess for when the Broncos will return to the Super Bowl:

When the Messiah comes

Never (a popular answer)

Best Bronco:

The big blue scary one

The water boy


The one i saw grazing in a field

Best Rockie:

Tim Tebow (yes, really)

Best Nugget:

The kind without corn

Best Rollerdoll:

Some gnarly bitch

Best Outlaw (the lacrosse team):

Black Bart

Doc Holliday


Best free entertainment:

Homeless people


Best flea market:

i dont want to catch fleas

Best break-up restaurant:


Taco Bell




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