Best of Denver

Best of Denver Winners 1992

In 1992, Westword published its ninth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Last Stand (the Denver Zephyrs, about to be supplanted by the Colorado Rockies) to Best Bail Bondsman (Duane Chapman, before he became known as “Dog”) to Best — and Sometimes Only — Reason to Read to the Rocky Mountain News: Greg Lopez, a fine writer and great colleague we still miss every day. While much of what we loved that year is long gone, a then-new industry went on to literally move mountains, although Colorado gambling is still best exemplifed by our Best Casino: Dostal Alley.

When Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple Creek joined together to push a statewide vote to legalize “limited stakes gaming” as a way to save the old mining towns — and also pour huge amounts of money into the State Historical Fund, now the largest historic-preservation program in the country — voters envisioned streets lined with mom-and-pop establishments, not the behemoths of present-day Black Hawk. But mom-and-pop is exactly what Dostal Alley was, and what it remains today. “We’ve decided that’s how we’re going to stay — a small, family-run operation,” explains Buddy Schmalz, the son who started a brewpub in the back of his parents’ Central City casino six years ago. A year later, Schmalz was elected mayor of Central City, making him the first brewpub-owning mayor in Colorado. And a good one, who’s worked with the council to haul Central City out of a financial mess. “With a lot of common-sense stuff, we were able to pull it off,” he says. Ka-ching!

Here are the rest of the winners from 1992:



Best Local Celebrity: James King Readers' Choice: Marilyn Van Derbur Atler

Best Local Heroes: Bicentennial Team East High School Readers' Choice (tie): Daddy Bruce/Tom Sutherland

Best Renewed Feud: Baby Doe vs. Augusta Tabor

Best Long-Running Feud: Douglas Bruce vs. Natalie Meyer

Best Mong-Playing Feud: Jesse Ceci vs. the Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Best VFW Post: Post No. 1

Best Jail: Boulder County Jail

Best Mayberry Jail: Bent County Jail, Las Animas

Best Small-town Crime: Blowing up Frosty the Snowman

Best Small-town Blanket Protection: Human Comforters Project

Best Unwitting Elvis Impersonator: Patrolman Rick Romero

Best Courtroom in a Hotel: Denver County Small Claims Court, The Radisson Hotel Annex

Best Courtroom: Courtroom One, City and County Building

Best Urban Legend About a Prison: Homemade bread rumor

Best Urban Legend About a Train Station: Tunnels

Best Place for the Next KKK Rally: Rocky Flats Readers' Choice: Hell

Best Speaker for the Next KKK Rally: Felix L. Sparks

Best News for Witches: Don't need a license

Best Local Politician: State Senator Dennis Gallagher Readers' Choice: Pat Schroeder

Best Move by a Local Politician: Senator Tim Worth

Best City Councilmember: Mary DeGroot

Best Romer Appointment: George Turner

Best Romer Depointment: Augie Cook

Best Political Memoir: Political Wives, Private Lives by Joyce Schuck

Best Song About a TV Reporter: Jeff Shoemaker's Paula Woodward song

Best Used Television Disposal: 2011 W. 20th St.

Best Telephone Pole for Public Notices: The alley off 13th Ave. between Washington and Pearl Streets

Best Unlikely Columnist: Mark Samuelson, On the Home Front

Best -- and Sometimes Only -- Reason to Read the Rocky Mountain News: Greg Lopez

Best New Publication: The Bitches From Hell Reporter

Best Headline: Apathy Blasted, but Few Listen Colorado Daily

Best Cure for Insomnia: “Doin' It in the Den" KDEN-AM

Best Local Radio Talk-show Host: Peter Boyles, KYBG-AM Readers' Choice: Ken Hamblin

Best TV Producer: Vicki Hildner, KCNC-Channel 4

Best TV Weathercaster: Marty Coniglio, KCNC-Channel 4 Readers' Choice: Larry Green

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality: Neal Browne, KUSA-Channel 9 Readers' Choice: Mike Landess

Best Is-It-Hair? on a Local TV Personality: Mike Nelson, KUSA-Channel 9

Best TV Sportscaster: Les Shapiro, KCNC-Channel 4 Readers' Choice:: Ron Zappolo

Best Local TV News Anchor: Bertha Lynn, KMGH-Channel 7 Readers' Choice (tie): Bob Palmer/Ed Sardella

Best New Building: KUSA

Best Historic Designation: 20th Street Recreation Center

Best Painted Ladies: Nevada, Cascade and Wood Avenues, Colorado Springs

Best Place to Break Out of a Modern-day Rut: Smoky Hill Trail, Aurora

Best People to Break you Out of that Modern-day Rut: Nancy and Patrick Massengill, Rocky Mountain Living History Association, Heritage Square, Golden

Best Throwback to the Sixties: Ruby Hill

Best Imitation of Texas: U.S. Highway 85 to Greeley

Best Imitation of New York City: California St.

Best Male Roller Skater in a White or Black Lace Tutu: Cinderella

Best Superfund Site: Sand Creek Industrial Site

Best Endangered Species: Colorado Squawfish, ptychocheilus luctus

Best Use of Goats: Cherry Creek State Park

Best Chipmunk Crossing: Main Street, St. Elmo

Best Place to Spot Deer: National Center for Atmospheric Research

Best Place to Spot Dead Deer: C-470

Best Roadside Guilt: Wadsworth Blvd.

Best Place to do Your Taxes at the Last Minute: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Stretch of Adopted Highway: Southwest corner of Rocky Flats

Best Scenic Byway: Pawnee Pioneer Trails

Best Place to Park and Neck: Fishback Landing Readers' Choice: Lookout Mountain

Best Place to Watch Planes Land: Havana Way

Best Association Devoted to a Missing Aviatrix: Amelia Earhart Society of Researchers

Best Road Construction: East Evans

Best Public Rumpus Room: Under the Speer Viaduct

Best Bridge to the Future: Speer Viaduct

Best Speed Trap: Speer Viaduct Readers' Choice: Speer

Best Sign that Someone in the City has a Sense of Humor About all this Construction: The Cone Zone

Best Reverb Chamber: Denver Art Museum

Best Nighttime View of Denver: Fan's Lounge, Holiday Inn-Denver Sports Center

Best Endangered Nighttime View of Denver: Mr. Twister, Elitch Gardens

Best Illegal Nighttime View of Denver: Colorado History Museum


Best Player for the Rockies to Take in the Expansion Draft: John Elway Readers' Choice: Nolan Ryan

Best Zephyr: Jeff Kunkel Readers' Choice: Jim Olander

Best Nugget: Dikembe Mutombo Readers' Choice: Dikembe Mutombo

Best Bronco: John Elway Readers' Choice: John Elway

Best Coach: Wade Phillips Readers' Choice: Dan Reeves

Best-Dressed Coach: Dan Reeves

Best New Job for Paul Westhead: Colorado Rockies manager

Best Local Sports Team: Denver Broncos Readers' Choice: Denver Broncos

Best Scholar-Athletes: Colorado Buffaloes

Best Last Stand: Denver Zephyrs

Best Radio Sports Talk-Show Hosts: Irv Brown and Joe Williams, KYBG-AM Readers' Choice: Dave Logan

Best Radio Sports Talk-Show Host who Never Gets Heard: Thierry Smith, KYBG-AM

Best Radio Announcers for the Rockies: Ernie Harwell and Kenny Albert

Best Sports Bar for the Low-key Sports Fan: Johnny's Bar & Grill

Best Sports Bar for the Wild-eyed Sports Maniac: Brooklyn's

Best Place to see a World-Famous Athlete and his Agent: Morton's of Chicago

Best Sports Place to Meet Guys: Folsom Field

Best Sports Place to Meet Nude Guys: Bally's Holiday Health Club

Best Place to Nude Sunbathe: Denver city parks

Best Beach Culture: Cherry Creek Reservoir

Best Reservoir for Swimmers: Aurora Reservoir

Best Swimming Pool: Anderson Community Center

Best Video Arcade: Boardwalk USA Readers' Choice: Celebrity

Best Cool Pool: Calvin's Before and After

Best Place to be a Pinball Wizard: Smiley's Laundromat

Best Video Arcade for Secret Junkies: Union Station

Best Bowling Alley: Wheat Ridge Lanes

Best Public Tennis Courts: Congress Park

Best Health Club: Washington Park Recreation Center

Best Public Golf Course: Indian Tree Golf Course Readers' Choice: Willis Case

Best Hole on a Public Course: No. 7 at Wellshire

Best Secret Par 3 Course: Windsor Gardens

Best Golf Deal: Denver Parks and Recreation golf card

Best Miniature Golf Course: Adventure Golf Course

Best Driving Range: Aqua Golf

Best Theme Party: Jackass Slacks Tournament

Best Ski Run: Bwana, Vail Readers' Choice: Drunken Frenchman

Best Bumps: Outhouse

Best Ski Lodge: The Outpost

Best Ski Patroller: Audie Mullings, Ski Cooper

Best Mountain Bike Club: Over-the-Bar Scar Club

Best Place to get on a Roll: Historical Belmar Village

Best Skateboarding Park: Independent Skate Park

Best Spot to Rollerblade: 16th Street Mall Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Downtown Spot to Catch Air on Your Rollerblades: Market and 16th Streets

Best Bungee Jumping: Bungee Jumping Colorado, Frederick Readers' Choice: Air Boulder

Best Daredevil Sledding: Cherry Creek Dam

Best Stuffed Flounder: Aquatic Arts

Best Wild Insect Safari: Boulder County Open Space Parks

Best Denver Park: Observatory Park Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Picnic Spot in the City: Governor's Park Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Place to Take a Dog for a Walk: Highline Canal Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Place to Take a Dog for a Hike: Mesa Trail

Best Zoo Animal: Polar Bears

Best Light Rail: Denver Zoo Train

Best Place to Watch Trains: Colorado Railroad Museum

Best Suburban Escape Route: Waterton Canyon

Best Vacation Option for the Person Suffering from Kidney Disease: Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies, Winter Park

Best Day Trip: Bent's Old Fort, La Junta (or close enough) Readers' Choice: Estes Park

Best Close-in Camping: Longs Peak Campground, Rocky Mountain National Park Readers' Choice: Golden Gate Canyon

Best Low-rent Resort: Tiger Run RV Resort, Summit County

Best Low-rent Kiddie Resort: Manitou Springs

Best Indoor Amusement for Kids: Discovery Zone

Best Outdoor Amusement for Kids: Littleton Historical Museum

Best Place to Send your Kids for your Own Peace and Quiet: Cheley Colorado Camps, Estes Park

Best Use of Horsehide Until the Rockies Get Here: Well Oiled Machine

Best Colorado Lottery Numbers: 3, 4, 11, 12, 19 and 41

Best Casino: Dostal's Alley, Central City Readers' Choice: Teller House


Best Cultural Ride: Cultural Connection Trolley

Best Elite Meet: James Joyce Day

Best Annual Parade: The St. Practice Day Parade, Leadville

Best Seventies Survivor: Capitol Hill People's Fair

Best Annual Festival: Denver March PowWow Readers' Choice: Taste of Colorado

Best Annual Beer Festival: Colorado Brewers Festival, Fort Collins

Best Worst-kept Secret: The Beer and Steer

Best Attention Span for a Publicity Stunt: Bobfest, Avon

Best Museum exhibit: Interactive Video Disk, Denver History Museum, Readers' Choice: Sharks" at Denver Museum of Natural History

Best Public Sculpture: Thatcher Fountain in City Park, East High School Readers' Choice: Buffalo at the Denver Buffalo Company

Best Way to Look Extinction in the Face: Dinosaur Ridge Tour, Morrison Natural History Museum

Best Public Monument to Josef Stalin: The Cruise Room

Best Folk Art Sculpture: Canland

Best Contemporary Public Art: Jade, 17th and Market Streets

Best Commercial Gallery: Robischon Gallery

Best Noncommercial Gallery: EDGE Gallery

Best Gallery Exhibit: A-1 and Only, Alternative Arts Alliance Readers' Choice: Reid Weimer/Chandler Romeo

Best Government Support for the Arts: Denver School of the Arts at Cole Junior High School

Best Art Discovery: Harvest

Best Unexpected Art Discovery: Denver Art Museum

Best Wedgie Trap: The New Arvada Center Amphitheater

Best Performance Art: Dirt & Circuits

Best Art Education on a Budget: Metropolitan State College

Best Unknown Art Space: Mackey Gallery

Best Art Boost to a Neighborhood: Genre Gallery

Best Place to View Art While Eating: Gasoline Alley

Best Place to Eat While Viewing Art: The Turner Museum

Best Place to Eat While Viewing Art Movies: The Mayan

Best Movie Theater, High-tech: The United Artists

Best Movie Theater, Drive-in: East Drive-In

Best Movie Theater, Classic: The Esquire

Best Movie Revival: Citizen Kane

Best Campus Film Series: University of Colorado, Program Council Series

Best Video Rental Store: Video Station Readers' Choice: Blockbuster Video

Best Downtown Video Rental Store: Denver Place Video

Best Video Store B-Movie Selection: Wax Trax

Best Denver International Film Festival Film You'll Never See in Theaters: Crossed Wires

Best Over Hyped Blowout for Conspicuous Consumers: Phantom of the Opera

Best Theatre Season for a Company: Theatre on Broadway

Best New Theatre Company: Now Is Now

Best Local Theatre Newcomer: Vint Lavinder

Best Theatrical Makeover: Beth Fisher

Best Actress: Gwen Harris

Best Actor/Pianist: Jan Van Sickle

Best Bloodsucking Bunny: Bunnicula

Best Aldo Ray-Judy Holliday Imitation: Vincent Robinson and Ruthay

Best Musical: Forever Plaid

Best Local Production: Machinal Readers' Choice: Phantom of the Opera

Best Set: Arsenic and Old Lace

Best Tease: Tartuffe

Best Stripper: Taylor, Diamond Cabaret

Best Belly Dancing: Zenobia's

Best Dance Club: The Marquee Readers' Choice: Fish Dance

Best Rock Club: Herman's Hideaway

Best Rock Club Audience Trend: Silly String

Best Club DJ: Kenny Hamblin Jr.

Best Rave Toy: Specters

Best Jazz Club: Jazz Works Readers' Choice: El Chapultepec

Best Blues Club: Ziggie's Saloon

Best Heavy-Metal Club: The Broadway Readers' Choice: Bangles

Best All-Ages Club: Ground Zero Readers' Choice: Rock Island

Best All-Aged Club: Buffalo Rose Saloon

Best Place to Fall on your Head: Gothic Theatre

Best Country/Western Club: Grizzly Rose Readers' Choice: Grizzly Rose

Best New Place to Hear Live Music: Okoboji's

Best Club Water Bar: The Garage

Best Rock-and-Roll Boudoir: Chris Chamberlain, Dogs of Pleasure

Best 16th Street Mall Entertainer: Robo-Clown, Hudson's Bay Centre

Best Panhandling Musicians: Markahuasi

Best Rockabilly Priest: Lewis Klug

Best Singing Cops: Dave Martin and Scott Buckley

Best Dancehall Reggae Toaster: Raymond Smith, aka Spellbinder

Best Local Rapper: Billie Jean

Best Local Jazz Musician: Bruno Carr

Best Ex-local Jazz Musician: Javon Jackson

Best Jazz Band: The Fred Hess Group Readers' Choice: Dotsero

Best Dance Band: Conjunto Colores Readers' Choice: Monkey Siren

Best Blues Band: Paul Soderman and the Boulder Blues Club Readers' Choice: Bob Hornbuckle

Best Country/Western Band: The Wild Jimbos Readers' Choice (tie): Rattlesnake Shake/Timothy P. and Rural Route 3

Best Fusion Band: Nelson Rangell

Best Rock Band: Big Foot Torso Readers' Choice: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Metal Band: Dogs of Pleasure Readers' Choice: Dogs of Pleasure

Best New Band: Windowpane

Best Comeback Band: The Fluid

Best Local Band Name: '57 Lesbian

Best Solo Acoustic Performer: Robert Smart

Best Concert of the Year: Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians with Matthew Sweet, The Boulder Theater, February 19, 1992 Readers' Choice: Lollapalooza Festival 1991

Best Regular Concert Series: Wednesdays

Best Regular Jam Session: Under the 16th St. viaduct on Platte St.

Best New Year's Eve Party: Slayer at the Gothic Theatre

Best Annual New Year's Eve Party: Seven South

Best Limo Trip to Die For: Mother O'Leary's Party Wagon

Best Get-down Party Van: Front Range Cruises

Best Bar Expansion: The Skyline Cafe

Best Bar Name: Carl's Bad Tavern

Best Bar for Conversation: My Brother's Bar

Best Pickup Bar: Jimmy's Grill

Best Boodle Bar: The Cruise Room

Best Gay Bar: The Fox Hole Readers' Choice (tie): Charlie's/Paradise Garage

Best Authentic Laser Karaoke: Don Don

Best Laser Karaoke Rentals: Keyboard Exchange

Best Jukebox: Bar Elbow Room

Best Commercial Radio Station: KTCL-FM Readers' Choice: KBCO-FM

Best Radio Disc Jockey: Selena, KGNU-FM Readers' Choice: Lewis and Floorwax

Best Radio Commercial Jingle: Avogadro's Number, Bill Amundson, KTCL-FM

Best Radio Commercial Pitchman: Tom Shane

Best Noncommercial Radio Pitch People: E-Town

Best Local Music Radio Show: Radio Free Colorado, KTCL-FM

Best Local Album: Haywire, The World Famous Twister Band

Best Children's Album: Dinosaur Choir, Bonnie Phipps

Best Place to Still Buy Albums: Wax Trax Readers' Choice: Wax Trax

Best Place to Buy Used CDs: Twist and Shout Readers' Choice: Wax Trax

Best Used Record Store/East: Doubleplay Records

Best Used Record Store/West: JB&H Records and Tapes

Best Esoteric Music Store: Mysterium Visionary Music and Art

Best Assortment of Jazz Periodicals: Record Revival

Best Blues Periodical: Blues Access

Best Death Periodical: Pit


Best Fun for a Dollar: Dollar World

Best Fun for 99 Cents: 99 Cent Mart

Best Way to Add to a Junk Collection: Stuff

Best Way to Subtract from a Junk Collection: The Jane System, Association for Retarded Citizens

Best Garbage-Picking: Boulder Spring Cleanup

Best Antiques: Country Palace

Best Discount Arts and Crafts: More for Less

Best Place to Weave on Down the Road: Old Santa Fe Village

Best Way to Keep Gossips Off your Back: Casa Medina

Best Place for a Miracle: Manos Folk Art

Best Place to Buy Kitsch After Midnight: Biggs

Best Place to Buy Sixties Kitsch: Baby Boomerama

Best Place to Buy Sci-fi Kitsch: Science Fiction Plus

Best Place to Buy Cowboy Kitsch: Cowboy Classics

Best Place to Meet Swingers: Square Dance Record Roundup

Best Western Wear Store: Denver Buffalo Company Trading Post

Best Place to Buy a Beaded Belt for Cheap: Garden of the Gods Trading Post

Best Macho Cowboy Boots: Mexico Shoe Store

Best Exotic Cowboy Boots: Denver Boot Outlet

Best Shoe Repair: Kim's Shoe Service

Best Free Dryers: City Center Laundromat & Cleaners

Best Shirt Cleaning: Smiley's Laundromat and Cleaners

Best Hat Cleaning: Dave's Hat Cleaning and Western Wear

Best Antique Hats: Vintage Reflections.

Best Vintage Clothing: Raggedy Ann's Readers' Choice: Circa 1900

Best Cheap Costumes: Marcia's of Denver

Best Way to Make Waves Without Making Waves: What Women Want: Customized Swimwear

Best Custom Bow Ties: Carrot & Gibbs

Best Button-Pushers: JHB International

Best Yarn Store: Ewenique Yarns

Best Yuppie Fun Wear: Bik Bok

Best deal for the man in the gray flannel suit: Quality Apparel Outlet

Best shopping pros for professional women: Molly's of Denver

Best clothing sale girls (or boys) who want to marry a millionaire: Last Call Sales, Neiman-Marcus

Best thrift store: Thrifty Scotsman Readers' Choice: Value Village

Best secondhand adult clothing: Second Look Limited

Best consignment shop for the big-boned gal: Second Hand Rose-Ann

Best bad-memory purge: Twice Around Wedding Gowns

Best place to buy wedding presents: Artisan's Center

Best Place to Register for Wedding Gifts: Peppercorn Gourmet Goods, The Peppercorn Collection

Best Place to Commit Adultery in Style: Mon Chalet

Best Place to Commit Adultery on the Cheap: No Tel Motel

Best Place to Play Dungeon: Club Cabaret

Best Adult Bookstore: Adult Trading Post Readers' Choice: Kitty's

Best Specialty Bookstore: Colorado History Museum Gift Shop

Best Denver History Book: Denver: Mining Camp to Metropolis

Best Used Bookstore: Half Price Books Readers' Choice: Capitol Hill Books

Best Western Lore Bookstore: Trails West

Best Antiquarian Bookstore: Astoria Books

Best Place to Have a Religious Experience: The Bible Superstore

Best Children's Bookstore: Bookies

Best Newsstand for Magazines: Black and Read

Best Selection of Used Magazines: Denver Book Barter

Best Movie Poster Store: Cinema Graphics Movie Poster Shop

Best Calendar: The Fridge-A-Dater

Best Computer BBS: The Global-Link Network BBS

Best Computer Repair: Whizbang

Best Emergency Computer Repair: Disk Doctor

Best Emergency Room for Neurotic Parents: Porter Memorial Hospital

Best ObGyns: Colorado ObGyn Society

Best psychiatric deal: Eating Disorders Support Groups, YWCA of Metro Denver

Best Prices on Prescription Antidepressants: Phar-Mor

Best Sign on a Detox Center: DTs

Best Place to Take a Fraidy-Cat: South Penn Cat Clinic

Best Behavioral Therapy for Dogs: Stock Dog Fanciers of Colorado

Best Dog Trainer: Lauren Trichter

Best Place to Buy Pet Supplies: Sherlock Hounds Sixth Avenue Pet Supply

Best Dog Grooming: Mrs. C's Bowser Boutique

Best Haircut for Kids: Avis Gallegos, Great Clips

Best Rock-and-Roll Hairstylist: Danielle at D. Fiores

Best Place to Get a Hand Job: Maria, Rita's Underground Salon

Best Massage Deal in Denver: Lake Steam Baths

Best Massage Deal in Boulder: Boulder School of Massage Therapy Clinic

Best Back-Cracker: Harvey, The Herb Shoppe

Best Substitute for Magic Fingers: Biosymphonix Chair, Sondex Technologies

Best Cheap Seats: The Chairman

Best Dinette Sets: Ace Restaurant Equipment Company

Best Souvenir Coming Back from Estes Park: Stone tables

Best Deals on Furniture Straight Out of an Episode of The Jetsons: Flashback Modern Design

Best Kiddie Convertible: Sit 'n' Stroll, Safeline Children's Products Company

Best Deals on Baby Furniture: The Baby Bed Man

Best Used Baby Furniture: Guys & Dolls

Best Deals on Children's Clothes: Chocolate Soup

Best Deal for Working Parents: Gilpin Extended Day Center

Best Place to Make a Little Man Out of your Little Boy: Children's Exchange

Best Cure for the Gimmes: Smiley Library

Best Place to Buy, Sell or Trade used Nintendo Games: Power Play Games

Best Puppets: And Puppets, Colorado Wool Works and Puppets

Best Reason to Let Go of your Children: Wee Beeps, Protech Products

Best Way to Remain Forever Young: Foto Magic Video

Best Lens Pals: Lindahl's Photo Sales

Best Help for the Hopelessly Myopic: Fred Rubalcava, Wheat Ridge Optical

Best Moshable Contact Lenses: Dr. Simonson, Lens Crafters, Cinderella City

Best Deals on Used Tools: Charlie's Second Hand Store

Best Deals on Building Materials: Mile High Used Lumber

Best Rock Gardening Center: Paulino Gardens

Best Place to Buy Seeds: Rocky Mountain Seed Company Readers' Choice: Rocky Mountain Seed Company

Best Place to Buy Plants: Al's Pine Nursery Readers' Choice: Echter's

Best Place to Buy Irises: Long's Gardens

Best Place to Buy Herbs: The Herbery

Best Indoor Winter Wonderland: Le Grue's

Best Politically Correct Lawn: Native Sod Company

Best Recycling Service: City Spirit Cafe Readers' Choice: King Soopers

Best Environmentally Correct Resumes: Signal Graphics

Best Resource for the Career-Blocked: The Whole Work Catalog

Best Instant Translations: Denver Translation Institute

Best Courier Service: Quick Silver Express Courier

Best Bail Bondsman: Duane Chapman, A Bail Bonds

Best Notary and Tattoo Artist: Emporium of Design

Best Assortment of Moving Services: E.A.R.T.H.

Best New State Service: Colorado Library Card

Best New City Service: Citizen's Hotline

Best Class in Citizenry: Stop Feeling Powerless Over Politics, Colorado Free University

Best Fifties Full Service: Vince's Red Carpet Auto Service

Best Use of Corn: Vickers Total Petroleum

Best Service Station for Grumps: Phillips 66

Best Place to Refill your Tank While Refueling your Spirits: Mitch's Texaco

Best Used Car Parts: All Imports

Best Motorcycle Parts and Palaver: Performance Cycle of Colorado

Best Mom-and-Pop Radio Shop: Camelot Communications

Best Guide to Frequent Flyer Deals: InsideFlyer

Best Ride in from the Airport: RTD's A Bus

Best Unexpected Pepsi Machine on the Way to the Airport: The alley at Eudora St. and Martin Luther King Blvd.

Best Unexpected Pepsi Machine on the Way from the Airport: 2461 Champa St.

Best Collection of Cuban Pop: Panchita's Mexican Imports and Grocery Store

Best Collection of Mexican Pop: Safeway

Best Asian Market: Indochina Fresh Seafood & Meat

Best Deli Case for Cannibals: King Soopers

Best Neighborhood Market, Low End: Sunnsyside Market

Best Neighborhood Market, High End: FBC Foods International Readers' Choice: Alfalfa's

Best Neighborhood Market for Very Careful Shoppers: Rose Dairy/John Sunkel Insurance Agency

Best Grocery Store Aisle for Bachelors: Aisle 7, King Soopers

Best Drunken Cowpoke Pickup: Biggs Hypermart

Best Bean Scene: The Women's Bean Project

Best Fresh Produce in Season: Zweck's Readers' Choice: Alfalfa's

Best ABC Product: Kuner's Southwestern Vegetables

Best Neighborhood Bakery: Bluepoint Bakery Readers' Choice: Great Harvest Bread Company

Best Place to Burn your Buds: The Big Chili

Best Place to Get Meat Like Ike: Wally's Quality Meats and Delicatessen

Best Beer-Making Supplies: Colonel John's

Best Vending Machine: Breckenridge lift tickets at Vicker's

Best Place to Buy in Bulk: Pace Membership Warehouse Readers' Choice: Pace

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor: Masala Readers' Choice: Fifty-Cent Hot Dogs

Best Freebie: Neighborhood Night, Elitch Gardens Readers' Choice: Westword


Best Cheap Breakfast: Sunnyside Drug Readers' Choice: Pete's Kitchen

Best Blowout Sunday Brunch: Tuscany Readers' Choice: Simms Landing

Best Cheap Lunch: Arapahoe Junction

Best Cheap Expensive Lunch: Al Fresco

Best Cheap Fast Lunch: Vietnamna

Best Cheap Lunch Counter: Asian Market

Best Dinner Under $5: Pho' Hoa Readers' Choice: Taco Bell

Best Meal to Split: Jerusalem Restaurant

Best Microwave Meals in a Scenic Locale: Union Station Snack Bar

Best All-You-Can-Eat Deal: The Gondolier Readers' Choice: Furr's

Best Happy Hour for Free Food: Cafe Potpourri Readers' Choice: Fish Dance

Best Happy Hour for a Buck: Club Infinity

Best Midnight Meal: Las Palmas II Readers' Choice: Denny's

Best Donuts: Donut Hut

Best Blueberry Donuts: Sun Rise Donuts

Best Cinnamon Rolls with your Grass-Hay Gossip: Hygiene Cafe

Best Biscuits and Gravy: Duffy's Shamrock Restaurant and Bar

Best Breakfast Burritos: Benny's Place

Best Breakfast Burrito in an Italian Restaurant: Mangia Mangia

Best Sandwiches: Goldie's Deli Readers' Choice: Subway

Best Sandwich Deal: Granada Fish Market

Best Club Sandwich: Mocha Cafe

Best Pastrami Sandwich: Grand Central Station

Best Vietnamese Sandwiches: Vinh Xu'o'ng Bakery

Best Italian Sandwich: Al Fresco

Best Pizza: Pasquini's Pizzeria Readers' Choice: Beau Jo's

Best Pizza by the Slice: Gaspare's Bakery

Best Green Pizza: Teresa's Pizza Cafe

Best Pasta Salads to go: Greens Market

Best Bread: Biba Bar and Grill

Best Way to Ruin your Appetite: Fratelli's Pizza Parlor

Best Salad Bar: Alfalfa's Readers' Choice: Healthy Habits

Best Soup: Zenith American Grill

Best Hamburger: Bistro Adde Brewster Readers' Choice: Chili's

Best Hot Dogs: Denver Buffalo Company Readers' Choice: Mustard's Last Stand

Best French Fries: New York Deli News Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Chicken Wings: Hog Heaven

Best Fried Chicken: Kapre Lounge and Fried Chicken Readers' Choice: KFC

Best Meatloaf: Rocky Mountain Diner

Best Mashed Potatoes: Brick Oven Beanery

Best Tuna Salad: East Side Kosher Deli

Best Italian Sausage: Johnnie's Market

Best Sausages from the Old Country: Alfalfa's Market

Best Cevapcici: Gordana's Bistro

Best Place to French-Kiss a Buffalo: The Fort

Best Little Shop of Frozen Horrors: Thai Grocery

Best Calamari: Antipasto's

Best Surprising Sushi: L'Auberge Zen

Best Really Surprising Sushi: Akebono

Best Ban Chan: Kang Chon

Best Unexpected Shrimp: Delhi Darbar

Best Unexpected Phat Thai: Presto Fried Rice

Best Thai Curry: Thai Orchid

Best Egg Foo Yung: Sue Lee's

Best Selection of Chinese Teas: China Jade Seafood Restaurant

Best Pu Pu Platter: Wang Tsau Dynasty

Best Pates: Sadie's Caribbean Cafe

Best Pate: Cliff Young's

Best Chicken-Liver Pate: The Little Russian Cafe

Best Reason to Eat Liver: Strings

Best Reason to Eat Tofu: Sawaddee Thai Cuisine

Best Chips and Salsa: La Cueva Readers' Choice: Juanita's

Best Burrito: El Taco de Mexico Readers' Choice: Chubby's

Best Roadside Burritos: Burritos & Co.

Best Tamale: La Popular

Best Enchilada: Rosa Linda Mexican Cafe

Best Refritos: Las Delicias

Best Black Beans: Rio Grande

Best Taco: Taqueria Patzcuaro Readers' Choice: Taco Bell

Best Greaseless Taco: La Casa de Manuel

Best Chile Relleno: El Taco de Mexico Readers' Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Yuppie Rellenos: Mexicali Cafe

Best Red Chile: The Fort

Best Green Chile: Taqueria Patzcuaro Readers' Choice: Las Delicias

Best Green Chile Burn: Bamboo Hut

Best Mole: El Charrito Restaurante y Cantina

Best Margarita: Rio Grande Readers' Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Local Beer: Norm Clarke's Pale Ale, Champion Brewing Company

Best Beer Presentation: Judge Baldwin's

Best Girlfriend Drink: The Pink Thing, Rocky Mountain Diner

Best Stop for a Quick One: Bartender Dave Miller, Bay Wolf

Best Bartender: Chuck Abboud, McFann's

Best Drive-Through Wine Advice: Chateau Liquors

Best Neighborhood Bar and Beer Store: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Neighborhood Liquor Store: Logan Liquors

Best Lemonade: Plain Brown Wrapper

Best Hot Chocolate: Mont Blanc, The French Confection

Best Free Cup of Coffee: Cook's Mart

Best Iced Coffee: The Summer Buzz, Xpresso

Best Latte: The Espresso Bar, University Hospital

Best Espresso Fix in a Hurry: Peaberry Coffee, Tabor Center

Best Desserts: Two Bitts Bistro Readers' Choice: Sfuzzi

Best Sugar-Free Dessert: Jus Cookin's

Best Cookies: Italian Pastries and Bakery

Best Cholesterol-Cake Masquerading as Health Food: Treats Bakery

Best Macaroons: Brown Palace

Best After-Dinner Mints: Ciao! Baby

Best Food-As-Art Presentation: Cache Cache

Best Inadvertent Baby Food: Cafe Paradiso

Best Children's Menu: Buckhorn Exchange

Best High Chair: Racine's

Best McDonald's Seats: 10925 W. Colfax Ave.

Best Place to Smell Cadillac Anderson's Sneakers: Hog Heaven

Best Restaurant Bathrooms: Champion Brewing Company

Best View on West Colfax: International House of Pancakes

Best Outdoor Cafe: Thoa's 158 Readers' Choice: Paramount Cafe

Best Off-Street Patio: Marketplace Cafe

Best Coffeehouse: Caffe Antica Roma Readers' Choice (tie): Gasoline Alley/Paris on the Platte

Best Family Coffeehouse: Common Grounds Coffeehouse

Best Food Court Booth: Chubby's #2 Readers' Choice (tie): Bennet's Bar-B-Que Pit/Falafel King

Best Deli: New York Deli News

Best Mexican Deli: Johnnie's Market

Best Unlikely Barbecue Joint: The Links at City Park

Best Unlikely Spot for Greek Food: Ogden Street South

Best Chicago Cuisine: Bink's Burgers

Best Long Island Cuisine: Papa J's Restaurant and Lounge

Best Garlic Rush: Pasta Jay's

Best Italian Restaurant: O Sole Mio Readers' Choice: Olive Garden

Best Opera-Singing in an Italian Restaurant: Teresa Carroll, Mike Berardi's

Best Place to Hear Inna Gadda Da Vida" on a Violin While you Smoke a Cigar: Cliff Young's

Best Strolling Accordion Player: Tony Heindl, Cafe Milan

Best Romantic Restaurant: Greenbriar Inn Readers' Choice: Flagstaff House

Best French Restaurant: Normandy French Restaurant Readers' Choice: Le Central

Best Place to Get High: Himalayas

Best Chinese Restaurant: Sue Lee's Readers' Choice: Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurant: McCormick's Fish House and Bar Readers' Choice: Fresh Fish Company

Best Asian Seafood Restaurant: New Orient

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: New Saigon Readers' Choice: T-Wa Inn

Best Korean Restaurant: Myong Restaurant and Night Club

Best Asian Barbecue: Restaurant Seoul

Best Thai Restaurant: Siamese Plate Readers' Choice: Chao Praya Thai

Best Japanese Restaurant: Sushi Den Readers' Choice: Sushi Den

Best Steakhouse: Morton's of Chicago Readers' Choice: Morton's of Chicago

Best Vegetarian Selection in a Non-vegetarian Restaurant: Cache Cache

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Greens Natural Foods Cafe Readers' Choice: Harvest Restaurant and Bakery

Best New Restaurant: Q's

Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying: Flagstaff House Restaurant Readers' Choice: Morton's of Chicago

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