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In 1991, Westword published its eighth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Television Prop (very strong chairs made for Raymond Burr, who was filming his revived Perry Mason series here) to Best Bulletin Board (not cork, but one of those newfangled computer message boards) to Best Public Phone Booths — in the brand-spanking-new Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Denver also had a new mayor, Wellington Webb, and was not only building a new airport northeast of Stapleton, but deciding where to put a major-league ballpark. But while the city was reinventing itself, several old favorites also made the edition, including eternal award winners John Elway, Pirate and El Chapultepec. And as Best Club That’s Returned From the Dead: the Mercury Cafe.

Marilyn Megenity has kept Denver cooking since back in the ’70s, when she opened her first spot in Indian Hills. The next fifteen years were a veritable movable feast as she moved her restaurant/club from 13th Avenue (where it was initially known as Elrond’s) to Broadway, back to 13th, then downtown and points in between, picking up a new name, the Mercury Cafe, before the entire enterprise went into limbo. But finally, in 1990, Marilyn bought a place she could call her own, a Victorian building at 2199 California Street that today remains the center for an incredibly lively, entertaining and, most important, enlightened cultural scene. From the car that runs on recycled cooking oil to the windmill on the roof to the political debates in the upstairs meeting room to the good organic eats and even better theatrical and musical entertainment, Marilyn keeps giving Denver reason to celebrate. And the Mercury Cafe keeps rising to every occasion.

Here are the rest of the winners:



Best News About the Mayoral Election: Even a million bucks can't buy City Hall

Best New Job for Mayor Pena: Stay-at-home dad Readers' Choice: House husband

Best Thing to do with Lowry After it Closes: Lost Vegas Gaming Preserve Readers' Choice: Park

Best Colorado Lottery Numbers: 1, 9, 27, 28, 30, 39

Best Thing to do with Stapleton if it Ever Closes: Die Harder Theme Park Readers' Choice: Shopping mall

Best Explanation of the New Airport: Rocky Mountain News Minipage

Best Jail: Jefferson County Jail Readers' Choice: Denver City Jail

Best House of Worship: The Sweat Lodge, Arkansas Valley Prison, Ordway

Best Police Report: “I did it, I liked it, I'll do it again."

Best Obscene Phone Call Reported to Denver Police: Caller: I want to be your panties. Answer: I don't think so.

Best Performance by a Local Police Department: Littleton Police Department

Best Performance by a Local Police Officer: Aurora Police Chief Jerry Williams

Best Joke About Denver Told on The Tonight Show: Betty Ford Aquarium

Best Personal Ad: The Denver Post

Best Excuse for not Paying for a Classified Ad: Not-so-bright roommate

Best Local Late Night TV Ad: Beds, Beds and Beds Readers' Choice: Dealin' Doug

Best Local TV Weather Forecaster: Marty Matthews, Channel 4 Readers' Choice: Larry Green

Best Local TV Anchor: Ed Sardella, Channel 9 Readers' Choice: Ed Sardella

Best Hairstyle on a TV Anchor: Bob Palmer, Channel 4 Readers' Choice: Linda Benzel

Best Television News Competition: Doppler radar

Best New TV News Personalities: Channel 4's robot cameras

Best Publicity Stunt: Rich Goins, KRFX

Best Radio Talk Show: The Howard Beal Hour, KGNU

Best Saturday Morning Radio Talk Show About Aloe Vera: The Island Magic Aloe Vera Hour, KQXI

Best Radio Talk-Show Host: Mike Rosen, KOA Readers' Choice: Ken Hamblin

Best Local Radio DJ: Bill Amundson, KTCL Readers' Choice: Rick (Coach) Marshall

Best News Lead: The Denver Post

Best Newspaper Columnist: Pike's Peek, The Denver Post Readers' Choice: Gene Amole

Best X-rated Newspaper Columnist: The Leather Fairy Out Front

Best Monument to a Writing Utensil: The giant pencil

Second-Best Monument to a Writing Utensil: The Veteran's Memorial State Capitol

Best Legislative Coverage: The Capitol Reporter

Best Whistleblower: Julie Livingston

Best State Legislator: Senator Al Meiklejohn

Best City Councilmember: Mary DeGroot Readers' Choice: Deborah Ortega

Best Bureaucrat: Ed Gietl, Denver Civil Service Commission

Best Government Watchdog: John Bermingham

Best Lawyer: Jesus Christ

Best Poem About This Place by a Former Governor of the Place: Richard Lamm's “The American West"

Best Rebate: The City of Denver

Best Historic Restoration: The Rossonian Hotel

Best Trash Cans: Wazee Deco

Best Dumpster Diver: Stan Oliner, Colorado Historical Society

Best Place for Homesick New Yorkers to Commiserate: The New Yorkers Club, Bianco's Ristorante

Best Addition to the Denver Skyline: 1999 Broadway

Best Mortuary Sign: Olinger's

Best Public Phone Booths: Cherry Creek Mall

Best Public Restrooms: Cherry Creek Mall Readers' Choice: Cherry Creek Mall

Best Unofficial Public Restrooms: The Platte

Best Set of Identical 7-Eleven Clerks: Terri and Sherri

Best Local Version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: The Mousetrap

Best Freeway Signs: I-70 west of Denver

Best Speed Trap: Empire

Best Statue Dedication: The Steve Canyon Statue, Idaho Springs Visitor Information Center

Best Urban Legend: Elephant buried in King Soopers parking lot

Best New Name: Mahatma Bambi

Best Local Hero: Pastor Thomas Fritch, Lighthouse Souls Harbor Readers' Choice: Daddy Bruce

Best “Best of Denver" Feedback: Best exotic dancer/club letter

Arts and Entertainment

Best Motel for a Tryst: Mon Chalet Readers' Choice: Bugs Bunny Motel

Best Adult Bookstore: Kitty's Readers' Choice: Kitty's

Best Ode to Nature: Deborah Reshotko, “A Dance to the Bunny Spirit You Released When I Ran You Over With My Car"

Best Fundraiser: The Kowalski’s' Wedding, City Stage Ensemble

Best Festival: Fiesta! Fiesta!

Best Movie Theater Classic: The Mayan

Best Movie Theater High Tech: The Continental

Best Movie Theater Multiplex: Cherry Creek 6, Cherry Creek Mall

Best Movie Theater Concession Stand: The Mayan

Best Movie with a Beer: Cinema and Drafthouse

Best Movie Projectionist: Dick Bateman

Best Movie Memorabilia: Hollywood Poster

Best Performance by a Parent in a Supporting Role: Laura Hamilton

Best Television Prop Made in Denver: Raymond Burr's chairs

Best Foreign Video to Premiere in Denver: Fiji Meatman

Best Actors Who are Really Waiters: Boulder Dinner Theater

Best Waiter Who is Really an Actor: Michael Shalhoub

Best Waiter Who is Also a Phone-Sex Operator: Lawrence Patterson

Best Theatre Production: The Day Room, City Stage Ensemble

Best Theatre Company: City Stage Ensemble Readers' Choice: Denver Center Theatre Company

Best Local Pay TV, $20-$30 range: The Space in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Best Performance by a Penis in a Dramatic Role: Germinal Stage Denver

Best Politically Correct Defense Against Graffiti: Germinal Stage Denver

Best Bathroom Graffiti: Men's room at Fagan's

Best X-rated Restroom Decor: Pink E's Fun Food & Spirits

Best Public Sculpture: “Architectural Spire" by Kevin Koehler Readers' choice: “Casey at the Bat"

Best Impromptu Performance Art: 14th between Stout and California, Artist unknown

Best Art-Meets-Life Performance: Artists in bloody fatigues at State Capitol antiwar rally

Best New Gallery Space Co-op: Core New Art Space

Best New Gallery Space Non-Commercial: Metropolitan State College's Center for the Visual Arts

Best Gallery Reformation: Edge Co-op Gallery

Best Gallery Show Painting: Vincent Desiderio, Metropolitan State College's Center for the Visual Arts, Readers' Choice: Hanna/Barbera at Circle Fine Art Gallery

Best Gallery Show Sculpture: Louise Bourgeois, Ginny Williams Gallery

Best Denver Art Museum Show: Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation Readers' choice: Frank Lloyd Wright

Best Art Openings: Hassel Haeseler Gallery Readers' Choice: Pirate

Best Art Song: “I'm Too Sensitive to Pay My Rent" Bill Amundson

Best Concert Promoter: Doug Kauffman, nobody in particular presents

Best Commercial Radio Station: KTCL

Best Non-Commercial Radio Station: KGNU

Best Jazz Radio: KUCB

Best Grown-up Thing to Take Kids to: Pepsi Zoofest Concerts, Denver Zoo

Best Local Folkie: Nick Forster Readers' Choice: John Denver

Best Yodeler: Gary McMahan

Best Use of a Mannequin in a Rock-and-Roll Show: The Flesh Mannequins

Best Use of a Dessert in a Rock-and-Roll Show: Red Moon Storm

Best New Band: The Nixons

Best Proof that Living Color Isn't a Fluke: The Jones

Best Dance Band: Monkey Siren Readers' Choice: Hot Lunch

Best Heavy Metal Band: Angellic Rage Readers' Choice: Fear of Sleep

Best Rock Band: The Rok Tots Readers' Choice: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Blues Band: Mollie O'Brien and the Blue Tips Readers' Choice: Chris Daniels and the Kings

Best Concert of the Year: Neil Young and Crazy Horse/Sonic Youth/Social Distortion Readers' Choice: KOOL-105 Oldies Show

Best Local Rock Recording: This Is by Auto-No

Best Basement Tape: Home-Made Jam, The Choosey Mothers

Best Local Country Recording: Tilt-A-World, Runaway Express

Best Local Classical Recording: Aries Brass, Aries Brass Quintet

Best Local Jazz Recording Jubilee, Dotsero

Best Tape to Listen to in Saudi Arabia: A Peace of Denver, Various artists

Best Music to Die by: Chalice of Repose, Therese Schroeder-Sheker

Best Reincarnation Without Missing a Musical Beat: Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Best Moves by a Denver Jazz Musician: Javon Jackson

Best Local Jazz Musician: Ron Miles Readers' Choice: Spike Robinson

Best Jazz Band: The Ron Miles Trio Plus Readers' choice: Dotsero

Best Young Musician to Watch: Kit Taylor

Best Salsa Band: Conjunto Colores Readers' Choice: Conjunto Colores

Best Reason for the Band Name to Remain the Same: Men About Town/Carnival of Souls/??

Best Jukebox CDs: Seven South

Best Jukebox 45s: The Billabong

Best Club Policy Change: The Garage

Best Rock Club: Herman's Hideaway

Best Heavy Metal Club: The Broadway Readers' Choice: Bangles

Best Place to Ogle Heavy Metal Poser Boys: Bangles

Best Place to Ogle Heavy Metal Poser Girls: The Broadway

Best Stage Diving: The Gothic Theatre

Best Dance Club: Ground Zero Readers' Choice: Rock Island

Best Alternative Club: Sunday nights at Rock Island

Best C&W Club: Grizzly Rose. Readers' choice: Grizzly Rose

Best Blues Club: Ziggie's Saloon

Best Jazz Club: The Jazz Works Readers' Choice: El Chapultepec

Best Unexpected Spot for Jazz: West End Tavern

Best Club That's Returned from the Dead: The Mercury Cafe

Best Nightclub to Rent for a Private Party: Ruby

Best Uncrowned Happy Hour: Shivers at The Ice House

Best Happy Hour Spread: Fish Dance

Best Gay Bar: Matchmaker Readers' Choice: The 90s

Best Gay Country Bar: Charlie's Denver

Best Lesbian Country Bar: Ms. C's

Best Neighborhood Bar Until Progress Catches Up: Skyline Cafe

Best Sports Bar: Rodney's Readers' Choice: Jackson's Hole

Best Pickup Bar Cowboys: Grizzly Rose

Best Pickup Bar Suits: Rick's Cafe Readers' Choice: Rick's

Best Pickup Bar Metal heads: The Westminster Mall

Best Laser Karaoke: Sushi Zanmai Readers' Choice: Iliff Park Saloon

Best Piano Bar: Lautrec's Readers' Choice: Ivory's

Best Food Court Amateur Hour: Lakeside Mall

Best Blues Brother Impersonator/Insurance Salesman: Larry Nelson

Best Place for a Night Out With the Boys: Juanita's Uptown

Best Hangout for Recently Divorced Males: Alfalfa's Market Deli

Best Singles Night: The Dance, Highland Senior Center Best PC Club Promotion: JJ McCabe's Recycle Night

Goods and Services

Best Always-Buy-Colorado Product: Honey Stix, Madhava Mountain Gold Honey

Best Nostalgic Always-Buy-Colorado Product: The Colorado Pan San

Best Recycling Service: King Soopers Readers' Choice: King Soopers

Best Seasonal Recycling Center: Jefferson County Open School Parking Lot

Best Place to Get in the Loop: The Complete the Cycle Center, Tri-R Systems

Best Herb Selection: Crystal Market

Best Occult Herb Selection: Charon

Best Seed Store: Rocky Mountain Seed Company

Best Potted Cactus Selection: The Herbery

Best Way to Let it Rot: City of Arvada Grass Composting Project

Best Giveaway Public: Department of Public Works Christmas Tree Mulch

Best Giveaway Private: First Interstate Bank's Free Trees

Best Variety Store: Remedio Juarez

Best Custom Button: Cameo

Best War-Related Items: CIA Maps of the Middle East, Safeway

Best Bargain: Yellow ribbons, Target Readers' Choice: Mile High Flea Market

Best Kid Bargains: Manufacturers Outlet

Best Bargain Empire: 99-Cent Mart

Best Antique Store Bargains: Fox Haven Farms Antique

Best Diversified Business: House of Prayer for All People" and Square Dance Instruction

Best Store in Cherry Creek Mall: The Nature Company

Best Antidote to Upscale Urban Shopping Centers: Pine Emporium, Pine

Best Christmas Trees: King Soopers

Best Christmas Rappin': The Rappin' Wrappers, Aurora Mall

Best Vintage Store: Flossie McGrew Readers' Choice: Circa 1900

Best Vintage Store That's Never Open: Poparama

Best Vintage Jewelry: Classic Facets

Best Thrift Store Prices: Value Village, (ARC Thrift Stores) Readers' Choice: Value Village

Best Thrift Store Good Cause: The Treasure Trunk

Best Thrift Store Organization: Disabled American Veterans Thrift Stores

Best Thrift-Shop Town: Longmont

Best Used Books: Capitol Hill Books

Best Free Publication Selection: The Tattered Cover Book Store

Best Diversified Publication Selection: Corona Drugs

Best Way to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of the Suburbs: Sentinel newspaper boxes, Market Street Station

Best Almost-Adult Bookstore: The Dusty Shelf

Best Seniors' Survival Guide: Uniquely Denver

Best Kids' Survival Guide: Smile Saving Snacks

Best Map Store: Maps Unlimited/Pierson Graphics

Best Use of Hot Air: Tons of Scientifically Provocative and Socially Acceptable Things to Do With Balloons Under the Guise of Teaching Science

Best Used Record Store: Twist and Shout Readers' choice: Wax Trax

Best Place to Buy Eight-Tracks: Don's Discs

Best Esoteric Audio Tape Store: Mysterium

Best Video Rental: Video Movie Madness Readers' Choice: Blockbuster Video

Best Supplement to a Cable Service: Request-A-Video, Mile Hi Cablevision

Best Hip Delivery Service: Hawaiian Hula Hips

Best Liquor Store Selection: Liquor Mart Readers' Choice: Argonaut

Best Bakery: Bluepoint Bakery Readers' Choice: Child's

Best Cake Accessories: Mrs. Mayo's

Best Pastries and Foreign-Language Schmoozing: Omonia Bakery

Best Place to Have your Cock and Eat It, Too: Le Bakery Sensual

Best Confectionary: French Confection

Best Fish Market: Seafood Landing Readers' Choice: Alfalfa's

Best Meat Market: Oliver's Meats Readers' Choice: Tony's Meats & Deli

Best Grocery Store for High-Tech Kids: Andrea's Market

Best Grocery Store for High-Tech Adults: King Soopers

Best French Cooking Classes: The Orchard Market Cooking School

Best Selection of Dutch Foods: Granada Super Market.

Best Barber Shop: Ivan's Men's Stylists Readers' Poll: Brown Palace

Best Unisex Barber Shop: Bear Creek Haircutters Best Hairstylist: Chanin Floyd, Oxford Aveda Salon

Best Place to Buy Mustache Wax, Krew Kare and Lucky Tiger Tonic: Rocky Mountain Barber Supply

Best Tonsorial Tribute to a Native American Hero: The Sit-N-Bull Barber Shop

Best Pedicure for the Pregnant: Looks

Best Solution for Split Ends: Hana Designs

Best Way to Get to the Root of the Problem: Mr. Harold's, 12759 W. 32nd

Best Grade-School Auction Items: Bush baubles

Best Way for a Bad Kid to Make Good: The Westin Hotel Troublemakers' Contest

Best Toy Store for Big Wallets: Kazoo and Company

Best Rejuvenating Toy Store: The Wizard's Chest

Best Price/Selection for New and Used Nintendo Games: Buy-Back Games

Best Community Bulletin Board: Alfalfa's, 201 University Blvd. Readers' Choice: King Soopers

Best Adult Computer Bulletin Board: Fred's BBS, 233-1316 (modem) Readers' Choice: Max Manlove

Best Teen Computer Bulletin Board: The L.P.B.B.

Best Women's Computer Bulletin Board: The Oak Tree

Best Computer Accessories Store: CompUSA

Best Commodore Computer Repair: Commodore Connection

Best BBS File Selection: The Data Bank

Best Online Computer Game: Pimp Wars

Best Selection of Zuni Fetishes: Santa Fe Ambiance

Best Chicken Bone Jewelry: Darcelle Boutique and Antique

Best Essential Oils: The Alchymist's Shelf

Best Botanica: El Caridad del Cobre

Best Museum Gift Shop: Denver Museum of Natural History

Best Gift Store for Would-be Jet-Setters: Museums of the World.

Best Economy-priced Masks: Frank Coffman's Latex Creations

Best Alternative to a Yard Sale: Mile High Flea Market

Best Kids' Party Clothes: Truong An, Far East Center.

Best Kids' Consignment Shop: Patches

Best Baby Furnishings: Baby Bed Man

Best Unisex Clothes: Cignal, Cherry Creek Mall

Best Cheap Cowboy Shirts: Fabric Outlet Store

Best Drum Majorette Clothes: Carol's Costume Works Ltd.

Best Kids' Funky Clothes: The Unicorn

Best Gap Store: Westland

Best Long-term Clothing Investment: 501 jeans

Best Place to Buy Eurojeans: Metropolis

Best Way to Tie One On: The Perfectie, World Tie Corporation

Best Cheap Suits: Suit Smart

Best Boots High End: Great West Bootmakers

Best Boots Low End: Zapateria Mexicana

Best Pointy-Toed Shoes for Men: Fashionation

Best Place to Buy Heavy Metal Poser Clothes: The Outer Limits

Best Lingerie Sales: Victoria's Secret

Best Skintight Temptress Dresses: Adrijan

Best Place to Buy a Leather Wedding Dress: Wilson's House of Suede

Best Women's Store: The Book Garden

Best Place to Buy Russian Army Hats, Eventually: Australian Outback Collection, Inc.

Best Place to Talk About Russian Army Hats: The Foreign Language Institute

Best Place to Talk to People Not Wearing Russian Army Hats: Glendale Public Library

Best Japanese Teacher: Midori Allmeyer, Denver Buddhist Temple

Best Tattoo Artist: Sugar Bear, Emporium of Design

Best Massage: Lynn Burrows

Best Deal on a Pet: Petsmart

Best Pet Groomer: Danny's Professional Pet Grooming

Best Dogs: Freedom Service Dogs

Best Obedience School: The Undomesticated Man's Support Group, Colorado Free University

Best Veterinary Clinic: The All-Cat Clinic

Best Mobile Veterinarian: Dr. Dawn Metzger

Best Friend to Man's Best Friend: Animal Orphanage

Best Friend to Man's Second Best Friend: The Cat Care Society,

Best New Leash on Life: Easy Walker Belt Leash, Rocky Mountain Activities

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor: The Ticket Bus Readers' Choice: B.J.'s Sunglasses

Best Roadside Vendor: Hot dog cart Readers' Choice: Streetcorner flower vendors

Best Place to Get a Driver's License: Express offices, Buckingham Square

Best Mechanic: Jalopys

Best Door-to-Door Mechanic: Frank Uttieri

Best Place to Buy a Horse-drawn Sleigh: Jim Aumann

Best Santas and Easter Bunnies for Rent: Susan Mesco -- American Events

Best Housecleaners: Dumb Blondes Cleaning

Best Helpful Hardware Man: Ron Westner, Hugh M. Woods

Best Friend a Vacuum Cleaner Ever Had: Mayor Bill, Filter Queen of Denver

Best Mezuzah Repairman: Zalmon Tornek

Best Tools on a Repairman: Handyman in the Buff

Best Tile: Tile 4 Less

Best Plumbing and Heating:

Best Memorials: Deorio and Sons Memorials

Best Totally Free Art Attack: Denver Art Museum

Best Totally Free Movies: Boulder Public Library Film Series, Meadows Library

Best Totally Free Babysitter: Denver Public Library, Programs for Kids

Best Free Money Orders: Money Express Check Cashing

Best Totally Free Walking Tour of Downtown: Historic Denver Week Tours

Best Free Teen Service: Teens Only Clinic

Best Place to Show you Care Enough to...: Anonymous AIDS Testing Site

Best Always-Buy-Colorado Service: Phone-in unemployment claims

Sports and Recreation

Best Lost Opportunity for the New Baseball Team: Rocky Mountain Tick Fever -- Catch it!

Best Name for the New Ballpark: Anything but Coors Field (ABCF)

Best Sports Team: Denver Zephyrs Readers' Choice: Broncos

Best Coach: Doug Moe Readers' Choice: Doug Moe

Best Guy to Run the Denver Nuggets: Saddam Hussein

Best New Job for Paul Westhead: Pat Riley's hairstylist

Best Nugget: The next draft pick Readers' Choice: Michael Adams

Best Zephyr: Tim McIntosh Readers' Choice: Tim McIntosh

Best Bronco: John Elway Readers' Choice: John Elway

Best Radio Sports Talk: Irv Brown and Joe Williams, KYBG Readers' Choice: KYBG

Best Regular Caller to Radio Sports-Talk Programs: Steve from Denver

Best Foreign-Language Sports Talk: Dan Reeves

Best TV Sports Commentator: Ron Zappolo, Channel 9 Readers' Choice: Ron Zappolo

Best Move to the Big Leagues: Kevin Corke, Channel 9

Best Sports Flack: Billy Saul, Cloverleaf Dog Track and National Western Stock Show

Best Reason to be a Senior Citizen: Whittlin' and Lyin' Class, Globeville Senior Center

Best Repositioning of an Environmental Nightmare: Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Best Inner-city Call of the Wild: City Park

Best Place to get all Mushy: Summit Adventure Park,

Best Denver park: Cranmer Park Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Horticultural Museum: The Rocky Mountain Wildflower Center

Best New Park: Lair o' the Bear

Best Denver Zoo Attraction: Children's Duck Pond

Best Swimming Pool: George J. Meyers Pool Readers' Poll: Celebrity Sports Center

Best Peace of Mind Within Three Hours of Denver: Glenwood Springs Pool

Best Handicapped-Access Fishing Pier: Georgetown Lake

Best Sure-Thing Trout Fishing: Pinecrest Resort and Trout Ranch

Best Free Sports Deal: Colorado Fishing Map, Division of Wildlife

Best Place to Learn to Put your Foot Down: Running With the Whole Body seminars

Best Place to Wear Out your Dogs: Pence Park

Best Golf Course: City Park Readers' Choice: Arrowhead Best Free Golf Balls: Confluence Park

Best Deal for Safety-Conscious Sports Enthusiasts: Self-Propulsion Bicycle Shop

Best Commemorative Bicycle Path: Scott Lancaster Memorial Bike Path, Clear Creek County

Best Bike Ride on Which to Meet your Future Spouse: Washington Park

Best Skateboard Park: Jamaica Jim's Skateboard Park Readers' Poll: 16th Street Mall

Best Place for Roller Blading: Washington Park Readers' Poll: Washington Park

Best Tennis Courts: Congress Park Readers' Poll: Gates Tennis Club

Best Pick-up Basketball Game: YMCA Central Branch

Best Ski Run: Prima Pronto, Vail Readers' Choice: Mary Jane (Winter Park)

Best Fourteener Climb: Mount Democrat

Best News you can Foos: Fooz-Nooz Colorado

Best Robin Hood-style Club that Existed Even Before Kevin Costner Wore Tights: Colorado Bowhunters Association

Best City-slicker Fantasy Trip: Old Town Longhorn Cattle Drive, Burlington

Best Place for a Romantic Vacation with your Horse: Silverado II

Best Free Summer Camp for Nerds: U.S. Postal Service Stamp Camp

Best Close-in Camping: Fourth of July Campground, Indian Peaks Wilderness Readers' Choice: Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Best Bed and Breakfast: Merritt House Readers' Choice: Queen Anne

Best Way to See the Rockies by Tooth: Pikes Peak Cog Railroad

Best Way to Get to Cheyenne Frontier Days: The Amtrak Pioneer

Best Place to Watch Trains: The Palmer Divide Readers' Choice: Union Station

Best Historic Road Tour: The Santa Fe Trail Revisited

Best Roadside Watering Hole: Crystal Spring, Allenspark

Best Alternative to Aerobics: African Dance at Tracy Karivan Studios, Mr. Goodbody's

Best Spunky Dance Teacher: Carol Englert, Gove Community School

Best Bowling Alley that Can Fit in the Back of a 7-Eleven: Rainbow Lanes

Best Bowling Alley: Celebrity Sports Center Readers' Choice: Celebrity Sports Center

Best Place to Shoot Pool: Stadium Inn Readers' Choice: Pinky's

Best Place to Throw Darts: The Cherry Cricket

Best Video Arcade: Pinball Palace Readers' Choice: Celebrity Sports Center

Best Local Sporting Event: The International, Castle Pines Golf Club Readers' Choice: Bolder Boulder

Food and Drink

Best All-You-Can-Eat Deal: Govinda's Readers' Choice: King's Table

Best Place for a Business Lunch: Trinity Grille Readers' Choice: La Coupole

Best Businessman's Lunch: Diamond Cabaret

Best Prime Rib: Ship's Tavern, Brown Palace Hotel Readers' Choice: Black Angus, (Stuart Anderson's)

Best Prime Rib Deal: Bonnie Brae Tavern

Best Steak: Morton's of Chicago, The Tivoli Readers' Choice: Morton's of Chicago

Best Chicken-Fried Steak: Woodside Inn

Best Rocky Mountain Oysters: Bruce's Bar, Severance

Best Bagels: The Bagel Store Readers' Choice: N.Y. Bagel Boys

Best Hoagies: Levi McGill House

Best Tuna Fish Sandwich: Seoul Food

Best Egg Salad Sandwich: Lake Steam Baths

Best Sandwiches: Basil's Cafe Readers' Choice: Quizno's

Best Supermarket Takeout: Safeway

Best Hamburger: Chives American Bistro Readers' Choice: My Brother's Bar

Best Pre-date Burger: Garlic cheeseburger, Dirty Harry's

Best Hot Dog: Coney Island Readers' Choice: Franks for the Memories

Best French Fries: Mediterranean Health Cafe Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Barbecue Fries: Big Eddie's

Best Onion Rings: Bistro Adde Brewster

Best Barbecue: M & D's Bar-B-Q and Fish Palace Readers' Choice: Bennett's

Best Barbecue Price: Wolfe's Barbeque

Best Fast-Food Decor: Burger King

Best View From a Fast-Food Restaurant: Burger King

Best View From an Expensive Restaurant: The Manor House

Best Quick and Elegant Snacks: The Wild Oats Market

Best Saturday Afternoon Snack: Boccalino's

Best Grape Juice Selection: Wine and Hop Shop

Best Juice Bar: Al's Bar

Best Lemonade: Pasquini's

Best Iced Coffee: Basil's

Best Cappuccino: Le Delice

Best Bottomless Cup of Coffee: Queen of Sheba Readers' Choice: Muddy's

Best Endless Coffee Loop: Hank Kashawa's Filter Fresh

Best Egg Cream: Pinky's Malt Shop

Best Sake Martini: Mori Japanese Restaurant

Best Wine by the Glass: Majorca

Best Wine by the Bottle: Normandy French Restaurant

Best Wine List Price: Bluepoint Restaurant

Best Wine List Selection: Flagstaff House

Best Bourbon List: Rocky Mountain Diner

Best Scotch List: Sebanton

Best Drink Deal: Jerry D's Nostalgia Lounge, Dacono

Best Cheap Beer: Johnny's Pub & Grill

Best Cheap Breakfast: Chef Zorba's Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Dinner Under $5: Golden Tempura Bowl Readers' choice: Taco Bell

Best Meal Over $100: Cliff Young's Readers' Choice: Cliff Young's

Best Food Court: Tabor Center Readers' Choice: Tabor Center

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Greens Readers' Choice: Harvest

Best Vegetarian Bar Food: Veggie sandwich, Skyline Cafe

Best Macaroni and Cheese: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Vegetarian Selection on a Carnivorous Menu: Dinah's Tofu, Mercury Cafe Readers' Choice: Harvest

Best Dinner Salad: Manor House

Best Caesar Salad: Tante Louise

Best Greek Salad: Famous Pizza

Best Outdoor Cafe: La Coupole Cafe Readers' choice: Paramount

Best Place for Beaver Watching: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Blow-out Brunch: Simms Landing Readers' Choice: Simms Landing

Best Brunch for Type-A Personalities: The Broadmoor

Best Brunch for Type-B Personalities: Mocha Cafe

Best Kids' Brunch: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Kids' Meal Deal: Fuddruckers Readers' Choice: Denny's

Best Place to Feed Kids: Pancho's Mexican Buffet

Best Meal for a Learning Experience: Your Best Bite

Best Place to be Seen: Sfuzzi

Best Place to be Seen and Heard: Avenue Bar and Grill

Best Place to be Seen and Not Heard: A Piece of Quiet

Best Hangout: The Newsstand Cafe

Best Dancing and Dining: Myong's Restaurant and Night Club, Buckingham Square Mall

Best Midnight Meal: Jerusalem Restaurant Readers' choice: Denny's

Best Place to go When the Bars Close: Pete's Kitchen

Best Desserts: Grand Central Station (formerly Cheesecakes and More) Readers' Choice: Strings

Best Table Bread: Three Sons Italian Restaurant

Best Garlic Bread: Pasquini's

Best French Bread: King Soopers

Best French Onion Soup: McCormick's Fish House and Oyster Bar

Best Bistro: Lincoln 100

Best French Restaurant: European Cafe Readers' choice: Tante Louise

Best New Restaurant: Little Moscow Readers' choice: Olive Garden

Best New World Order Restaurant: Cafe Tamara

Best Chinese Restaurant: China Jade Readers' Choice: Imperial

Best Dim Sum: China Terrace

Best Chinese Delivery: Dragon Village

Best Japanese Restaurant: Furusato Readers' Choice: Sushi Den

Best Sushi: Sushi Den

Best Gyoza: Yoisho

Best Tempura: L'Auberge Zen

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: New Saigon Readers' Choice: T-Wa Inn

Best Thing to Happen to an Egg Since Bacon: Bee bim bop

Best Thai Restaurant: Siamese Plate Readers' Choice: J's Noodles

Best Pat Thai: Tommy's Oriental

Best Middle Eastern restaurant: Jerusalem Restaurant

Best Doggie Bag: Delhi Darbar

Best Mexican Restaurant: El Taco De Mexico Readers' choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Burrito: El Taco de Mexico Readers' Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Tamales: Mocha Cafe

Best Taco: Taqueria Las Palmas Readers' Choice: Taco Bell

Best Chile Relleno: Juanita's Uptown Readers' Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Refritos: Las Palmas II

Best Mexican Way to Start Your Day: Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe

Best Chile Verde: Taqueria Patzcuaro Readers' Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Unexpected Green Chile: Pinky's Malt Shop

Best Specialty Taco: Augusta Westin Hotel Tabor Center

Best Mexican Seafood: Mi Cabana Inn

Best Seafood: 240 Union Fish Market Readers' Choice: Fresh Fish Company

Best Crab Cakes: Wellshire Inn

Best Seafood with an Accent: El Chalan

Best Gumbo File: Foucher's Creole Cafe

Best Linguine with Clam Sauce: New York Connection

Best Italian Restaurant: Carl's Pizzeria Readers' Choice: Josephina's

Best Hot-to-Trattoria: Sfuzzi

Best Minestrone: Patsy's Inn Italian Restaurant

Best Tirami Su: O Sole Mio

Best Pizza: Anthony's Readers' Choice: Pizza Hut

Best Gourmet Pizza: 14th Street Bar and Grill

Best Take-n-Bake Pizza: Nick-n-Willy's

Best Place to Eat Frozen Pizza: Don's Mixed Drinks

Best Place for a Nose Job: Cinnabon, Cherry Creek Mall

Best Romantic Restaurant: Gabriel's Readers' Choice: The Briarwood

Best Place for a Hand Job: Queen of Sheba

Best Place for a Hump: The Fort

Best Canned Music: Rocky Mountain Diner

Best Restaurant Makeover: Racine's

Best Candidates for a Makeover: La Coupole waitstaff

Best Waiter: J.B. Dauenhauer Readers' Choice: Tammy at Pablo's

Best Bartender: Toby Crepeau, Maxfield and Friends Readers Choice: Rick Johnson at Fish Dance

Best Deadpan Waitress: Pat Schmidt, McCormick's Fish House & Oyster Bar

Best Host/Hostess: Joe Trabucco and Stephanie Cooney, European Cafe/Al Fresco Readers' Choice: Pat or Wendy at Strings

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.