Best snowy movies to watch on a snow day

If you're lucky (

as Jefferson County Public School students are

) and have a snow day today, you'll get the chance to watch some movies. But what are the best films for the occasion? We suggest flicks that make you glad to be warm inside instead of outside grappling with the elements -- like, for instance,

Jeremiah Johnson

, in which Robert Redford gets to deal with all manner of chilly hardships, such as discovering that the memorably named Hatchet Jack has been turned into an Otter Pop, as seen in the clip above. Look below for more cinematic reasons to appreciate your thermostat.

Alive: This 1993 movie recounts a plane crash in the snowy Andes, when a rubgy team from Uruguay had to go to extreme measures to survive -- Alfred Packer extreme. Guaranteed not to fire up your appetite.

Insomnia: This 2002 offering from future Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan finds Al Pacino wandering around icy, perpetually illuminated Alaska in a gloomy fog as he looks for a psycho writer played by, of all people, Robin Williams. It'll make you happy for sunset.

The Empire Strikes Back: The best Star Wars movie also has some of the top frigid-weather scenes ever committed to celluloid thanks to the extended sequences on the ice planet Hoth. As you watch Han Solo fight to survive, cuddle up with someone you love -- but don't slice him or her open to stay warm.

White Christmas: Yes, it's cheesy -- and that's the point. The title song is the best known celebration of the white stuff, but don't forget about this more straight-forward ditty, titled "Snow." Now, everyone sing along with Bing...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.