Best U.S. Places to Retire in 2016 — Including One in Colorado

Forbes has just released its list of the best places in the U.S. to retire in 2016.

No surprise that one of them is right here in Colorado.

But the city of choice stands apart from the rest.

Most of the communities selected are smallish — many of them with populations under 100,000 and several under 20,000.

In contrast, the one in our fair state is a legitimate city — and (hint) the largest to make the grade.

The 25 Forbes entries aren't ranked. However, we've chosen the top ten by alphabetical order — a segment that includes the Colorado pick. We've also highlighted data about cost of living, home prices and more.

Check them out below — and to see the original post, click here.

Abilene, TX


Cost of Living Index: 83

Median Home Price: $156,000

Doctors Per Capita Index: 66

Serious Crime Per 100,000 Residents: 337

Apache Junction, AZ

Population: 37,000

Cost of Living Index: 94

Median Home Price: $129,000

Doctors Per Capita Index: 83

Serious Crime Per 100,000 Residents: 245

Athens, GA

Population: 120,000

Cost of Living Index: 99

Median Home Price: $145,000

Doctors Per Capita Index: 70

Serious Crime Per 100,000 Residents: 306

Bella Vista, AR

Population: 28,000

Cost of Living Index: 88

Median Home Price: $127,000

Doctors Per Capita Index: 136

Serious Crime Per 100,000 Residents: 140

Blacksburg, VA

Population: 44,000

Cost of Living Index: 102

Median Home Price: $230,000

Doctors Per Capita Index: 67 

Serious Crime Per 100,000 Residents: 75

Continue to see more of the best places to retire in 2016, including one in Colorado.

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