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Beth Chapman, Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter, on Mel Gibson's latest alleged rants

Joy Behar must have the Dog the Bounty Hunter residence on speed-dial.

Last month on Behar's CNN/Headline News program, Colorado alum Dog commented on Joran van der Sloot -- and last night, his beloved, Beth Chapman, weighed in on Mel Gibson's alleged rants against ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Talk about an eclectic panel to discuss the topic. Chapman, who was a victim of domestic abuse ("way before you met Dog," Behar hastens to add), was joined by Mary Murphy, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance who also was abused years ago, and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

After listening to one of the tirades that's been attributed to Gibson, Chapman said men who abuse women tend to show their true colors early on in a relationship: "I think that most women see those kind of characteristics in a man before they marry them or before they start hanging out with them. Most men who have those characteristics have some kind of underlining [sic] substance abuse problem, whether it be alcohol or cocaine or methamphetamine or whatever their trip is. They always have some underlining something that turns them from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde."

According to her, women tend to stay in abuse situations because "they love them so much. There's just that little sliver of love that they have for that person, and they're hoping that person is going to come back to them. And quite frankly, they're not."

In fact, she views the gifts and vacations abusers offer as apologies for their behavior as "memories of those incidents" -- the ones victims remember all too well anyhow.

See the segment below:

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