Betsy Long blew a .252 after crash that killed Mary Warren: Drunk driving times three

Alleged wrong-way drunk driver Betsy Long, a onetime green-biz entrepreneur, faces vehicular homicide charges and more in a July 5 crash that killed Mary Warren, a 22-year old bound for the Peace Corps. And according to prosecutors, she cleared the legal .08 blood-alcohol-content limit with plenty of room to spare, blowing a .252.

Get more of the ugly, ugly details from the Adams/Broomfield County DA's office release below:

Woman Charged in I-25 Fatality

Adams/Broomfield County District Attorney, Don Quick, and the Colorado State Patrol announced the filing of charges against a woman in connection with a series of car accidents resulting in a fatality and two being seriously injured on Interstate 25 in Adams County.

Elizabeth Long (dob: 07/02/1975) is charged with two counts of Vehicular Homicide (F3) and (F4), four counts of Vehicular Assault, two (F4) and two (F5), Leaving the Scene of an Accident (F5) and Driving Under the Influence.

On July 5, 2010 at approximately 11:15 PM, a 2008 Black Toyota Rav4 was first observed driving southbound on I-25 in the northbound lanes at I-25 at 120th Ave. Near the exit for 92nd Ave., the Toyota struck a vehicle, causing serious bodily injury to the driver. The vehicle continued south in the northbound lanes to 1-25 and 58th where it struck another vehicle killing the passenger, Mary Warren (dob 02/06/1988), and seriously injuring the driver.

Colorado State Patrol responded to the scene of the fatal collision and identified Long as the driver of the Toyota. Long was arrested after her release from Denver Health Medical Center for minor injuries. It was by the Colorado Department of Health that Long's blood alcohol level was .252.

Long was advised of the charges against her today. Judge Bryon Howell continued her $10,000 bond with the conditions of not being allowed to drive a motor vehicle, she be in the supervised release program, and she is to remain in residential treatment.

Long is scheduled to appear in Adams County Court on August 31, 2010 at 2:30 PM for a preliminary hearing in Division Q.

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