Bill Ritter turning friends into enemies

As of this writing, shockingly enough, no one's uploaded a video to YouTube of angry grocery workers confronting Governor Bill Ritter at a bill-signing ceremony yesterday -- but expect it to pop up soon enough, adding one more smudge to the good-guy image that helped get Ritter elected in 2006. The same can be said of a Denver Post article from earlier this week that spotlighted anti-Ritter signage featuring messages such as "Why Does Bill Ritter Hate Taxpayers?"

Of course, Denver Post owner Dean Singleton's enmity for Ritter has nothing to do with the reasons grocery workers are pissed at him. Indeed, a 2007 Post front-page editorial facilitated by Singleton excoriated the guv for supposedly favoring labor over business interests, while the aforementioned employees feel Ritter went too far in the other direction by vetoing a bill that might have helped them if they're locked out of currently deadlocked contract negotiations with King Soopers.

Clearly, Ritter is trying to prove he's more about doing the right thing in a particular situation as opposed to regularly pleasing any specific group. But instead of seeming above politics, he's lately looked as if he needs a good lesson in them.

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