Blog: Cops No-Show for Critical Mass

Founded in 1992 on the basic model of Anarchism — i.e. no hierarchical leadership — Critical Mass is a group that one expects to be disorganized. The relatively new Denver-based installment of the monthly bike phenomenon is no exception. The oftentimes chaotic debate that moshes within their online

Yahoo message board

is evidence of this philosophy in action. Efforts to sort out a uniform legal strategy for participants ticketed during the




rides have proven difficult, and a proposed fundraiser for the motor-less martyrs has yet to materialize. But some individuals slapped with the $410 citations have managed to maneuver through the courthouse system financially intact.

Eric Gangloff rode away scot-free on August 1 when the cops failed to respond to his jury trial. "[The Judge] dismissed the case outright," Gangloff writes. Fellow cyclist Molly Zackary reported a similar no-show dismissal of her citation.

While their officers were MIA, other members of DPD's finest spent the day in Washington Park toting laser guns and enforcing a much-publicized crack-down on bicyclists cruising over the 15 mph speed limit. They wrote nine tickets worth $60 each — quite a bit less spendy than those that the Critical Massers face — but will they show up in court? -- Jared Jacang Maher

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.