Boobies Rock!: Bogus Cancer Charity's Adam Shryock Returning to Jail After New Scam

In 2013, we told you about Boobies Rock!, an organization that sent hot women into bars wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the company's name -- and they told customers to whom they sold branded merchandise that the money they collected would go toward fighting breast cancer. But Colorado's Attorney General branded the whole thing a scam and filed a lawsuit and a temporary restraining order in an effort to stop it.

Last year, Boobies Rock! founder Adam Shyrock reportedly served a brief stint in jail after ignoring the restraining order -- and now he's going back after allegedly repeating the feat. Continue for photos, videos and details.

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At the time of our original report, websites such as had already vanished, but a few remnants of the company remain, including a blog declaring that "Boobies Rock! is a creative blend of music, sports, fashion and pop culture. Established in September of 2010, Boobies Rock! has quickly grown to become one of the leading advocates for the awareness of breast cancer across the U.S. Our mission is simple; to create awareness through fun, fashionable and humorous clothing and accessories. Keep checking back for fun news, pictures, and more!!"

Also lingering is a Twitter account -- and although the links to the "Boobies Rock!" Facebook page are dead, some pitches linger, including this one:

According to a 9News report from November 2012, most of the young women who accepted offers like this one in Colorado and beyond thought they were working for an outfit with a big charity component -- and customers undoubtedly did as well, due to a strategy portrayed in the AG's lawsuit as purposefully misleading. Here's an excerpt:
Shyrock and his employees instructed promotion models to approach potential customers and represent that they were "taking donations" rather than selling merchandise. The models were further instructed to refer to BR as a "charitable company" and to only disclose that BR was a for-profit entity if asked.

Shyrock told models to tell customers that a percentage of the BR's net proceeds would go to charity. Some models report that they were told to say anywhere from 40 percent to 80-90 percent of BR revenue went to charity, others were told to be vague about the amount of money going to charity.

Some people apparently were so convinced that Boobies Rock! was a charity that they offered cash donations rather than buying items. These gifts were gladly accepted and combined with other funds, the lawsuit maintains. Likewise, managers at assorted bars invaded by Boobies Rock! crews were allegedly told that employees were "taking contributions for breast cancer-related causes."

How much was collected?

Continue for more about the latest legal troubles for Boobies Rock! founder Adam Shyrock, including photos, videos and documents.
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