Nearing Book Buffs' last chapter.

Book Buffs going out with style -- and big sale

Like World War II veterans, used bookstores are getting harder to find -- especially stores with a quality inventory spanning classic and modern literature. With Amazon, eBay, AbeBooks and other online services offering a virtual clearinghouse of good reads, the whole experience of browsing the narrow aisles of a musty local shop is going the way of the eight-track.

Denver's Book Buffs was never musty. It's a clean, well-lit place with plenty on its shelves, friendly and knowledgeable staff and frequent poetry readings and other soirees. We dubbed it the Best Place for Bibliophiles to Score in our 2004 Best of Denver issue. Now, alas, this flier announces its impending demise -- and a huge sale of the entire inventory. Dig in and have one last chat with proprietor Janis Frame before what's left vanishes into cyberspace.

Book Buffs is located at 1519 South Pearl Street. For more information, call 303-722-3630 or visit BookBuffsLtd.com.-- Alan Prendergast

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