Update: Ten Dead in King Soopers Assault-Weapon Shooting

Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi during the first of two press conferences that followed the shootings at the Table Mesa King Soopers.
Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi during the first of two press conferences that followed the shootings at the Table Mesa King Soopers. Photo by Michael Roberts via Fox31
Update: The Boulder Police Department has now divulged the name of the officer killed during the shooting at the King Soopers in the southern part of the city: Eric Talley.

In addition, officials have stated that ten people were killed in the attack, in which the suspect fired what Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold referred to as a "patrol rifle."

A source cited by CNN said the shooter used an AR-15-style rifle — the sort would have been prohibited by the city's assault weapons ban, had it not recently been deemed unconstitutional.

Here's the video of the day's second press conference, followed by our two previous reports.

Update, 7:32. p.m. March 22: During a press conference about the shooting at a south Boulder King Soopers earlier today, March 22, officials confirmed that multiple victims died in an attack by a gunman, including a male Boulder police officer. However, very few other details were imparted beyond promises that more information would be made available in the hours and days ahead.

The speakers at the press conference, which got under way at around 6:45 p.m., included Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi, Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty, and Kelli McGannon, a spokesperson for King Soopers.

Yamaguchi began by saying, "We had a very tragic incident today here at the King Soopers. There was loss of life. We have multiple people who were killed in this incident. I am sorry to have to report that one of them was a Boulder police officer. During this trying time, I would ask the media and the public to honor the privacy of the officer's family and his co-workers here at the police department." He went on to praise the support provided by other law enforcement agencies, including ones located in Boulder County and the Denver metro area, plus federal agencies the FBI and the ATF.

"Without that quick response, we don't know if there would have been more loss of life," Yamaguchi stated. "I can share with the public today that there is no ongoing threat. We do have a person of interest in custody. That person was injured in the incident and is being treated for his injuries."

This description suggests that a man led away from the store in police custody was the suspect in question. The man was clad only in what appeared to be boxer shorts and had blood on one leg.

During his time at the microphone, DA Dougherty said, "This is a tragedy and a nightmare for Boulder County." He pledged that various authorities would "stand united to ensure justice is done."

McGannon, for her part, said, "Our hearts are broken over this senseless act of violence" and sent thoughts, prayers and support to employees, customers and others victimized by the shooting. Then, after promising that the company would fully cooperate with the ongoing inquiry, she deferred all future questions to the Boulder Police Department.

At that point, assembled reporters were allowed to ask questions that Yamaguchi generally answered with the same response: "That will be part of the investigation." For instance, he declined to confirm the number of people who were killed, which has been widely reported as at least six. Likewise, he wouldn't reveal if the gunman had initially been dressed in military-style tactical gear or what kind of weapon he possessed.

The main facts shared to date: The shooting began in the parking lot before moving into the store, a shelter-in-place order related to an address near the intersection of 17th and Grove was unrelated to the King Soopers shooting, the only serious injury to a survivor was the one experienced by the suspect, and the number for family members to call in order to reunite with loved ones who were in the store is 303-441-3333.

In the meantime, multiple public officials offered statements about what took place, including Governor Jared Polis. In his words, "My heart is breaking as we watch this unspeakable event unfold in our Boulder community. We are making every public safety resource available to assist the Boulder County Sheriff's Department as they work to secure the store. I’m incredibly grateful to the brave men and women who have responded to the scene to help the victims of this senseless tragedy. This is very much an active situation, and we continue to monitor very closely. We ask for your patience as law enforcement works tirelessly to secure the site. Right now, the biggest priority is to let local law enforcement and the City of Boulder do their work to ensure the safety of those involved."

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click to enlarge Dean Schiller in a screen capture from a livestream video at the scene of the shooting at the Boulder King Soopers. - ZFG VIDEOGRAPHY VIA YOUTUBE
Dean Schiller in a screen capture from a livestream video at the scene of the shooting at the Boulder King Soopers.
ZFG Videography via YouTube
Original post, 5:43 p.m. March 22: Video captured by a citizen journalist shows multiple victims of a shooting that took place at the King Soopers in south Boulder.

The Boulder Police Department hasn't confirmed the information livestreamed by Dean Schiller of ZFG Videography. But a press conference has been scheduled for 5:55 p.m. today, March 22.

Schiller was at the center of a June 2019 Westword story headlined "Rebel Videographers Sue Boulder Cops for False Arrest, Assault." His latest video begins with him rushing toward the King Soopers.

"Hey guys, I don't know what's going on," Schiller says. "I'm at King Soopers in South Boulder, and I heard gunshots. They were very close. Someone's down right here."

The video shows a body outside the store.

"Something just happened here, guys," he continues. "Someone's down. I'm sure 911...." Schiller then stops to ask a person off-camera: "Did you see which way the shooter went?"

"No," the unseen individual answers.

"There's people lying in the fucking street, guys," Schiller tells his audience as he moves toward the store. "We need 911 here now. We're at King Soopers in south Boulder. Table Mesa. We've got injured parties on the ground. 911 now, people. We don't know if there's a shooter, active shooter somewhere."

At the front entrance of the King Soopers, an employee is on his phone. Schiller asks, "Could he be in the store?"

"Yeah, he went in there," the employee replies.

"He went in the store?" Schiller wants to know.

"There's one down right there," the worker replies and points to another body, this one in the store.

"Oh, my God," Schiller says. "We've got people down inside King Soopers. Look, there's...."

At that point, a gunshot can be heard. "Holy shit," Schiller responds. "Goddamn it. I'm fucking getting away, guys."

Schiller kept his video rolling. Meanwhile, other media organizations arrived and captured footage of a man wearing only shorts being led away from the scene by police; he had an apparent wound on his leg.

See the entire livestream by clicking here. (Warning: Its contents will disturb some readers.) We'll be updating this post with additional information.
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