Strange But True

Boulder only the third fittest city in the West, says Sunset magazine

Boulder is accustomed to winning national polls about everything from happiness to being in shape: Note this recent survey declaring Colorado to be the least obese state in the U.S., with Boulder its trimmest city. But someone had better check those scales, because a new Sunset magazine roster of the nine fittest cities in the West ranks Boulder a measly third. Which towns topped it?

According to Sunset, San Diego is number one, owing to its miles of beaches, "ample green space" and perfect weather year-round...which strikes us as the kind of thing that locals could take for granted, turning them into sedentary slackers. And second is Long Beach, California, because it offers easy access to both oceans and mountains -- if you can call those little mounds "mountains."

As for Boulder, here's the blurb, written by Amy Wolf:

The sun and altitude provide a mix that makes the town an endurance athlete's paradise, particularly cyclists and hikers. Start at Amante Coffee ( on North Broadway, where the cyclists hang out, then ride 14 miles up through Lefthand Canyon to Jamestown, an old mining outpost. You can also take joyrides in the Valmont Bike Park (, and cross-country ski around North Boulder Park. Great hikes and walks around town: Chautauqua Park, Mount Sanitas, or the Boulder Creek Path.

And then, after you're done, challenge someone from San Diego or Long Beach to a race. Bet you'll win.

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