Boulder's Storm Warning

A year ago, Michael Brown was at the center of the storm. Today, the former FEMA head is back in Boulder, where he's set up a disaster-consulting business. So far, he hasn't been asked to consult on the disaster in his own back yard -- but over the past two weeks, he's certainly thought about how he'd handle the JonBenet Ramsey debacle. And he had plenty of opportunities to think about it today, when so many national news shows interspersed Hurricane Katrina anniversary coverage (and interviews with Brown himself) with the latest reports on John Mark Karr, the little suspect who wasn't.

"Look, I don't want to compare my situation to JonBenet," he says. "But if she [Mary Lacy] had just stepped forward and said, 'Here's what we're doing,' I think people would have been more accepting. Now there's this whole charade."

With Boulder's DA in the eye of the hurricane. - Patricia Calhoun

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