Brady Kane dies doing what he loved most -- skydiving: See video he recorded last year

Erie's Brady Kane, who died in a skydiving accident Saturday, loved leaping into the unknown. His Facebook photo, seen here, shows him ready to take the plunge, and he listed his favorite activity as skydiving with his girlfriend, Melissa Yager. He also recorded a video last year of a pal barrel rolling and back flipping. Now, however, that YouTube clip features this note: "Filmed by Brady Kane. Rest in peace, buddy."

According to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, Kane was attempting a high-speed "swooping" landing that went awry. He came in low and hit the ground hard -- so hard that he couldn't be revived by fellow skydivers or other personnel.

There's no indication thus far that equipment failure was a factor -- and Kane was an instructor-level skydiver who'd jumped more than 5,000 times in the past. What happened Saturday, then, remains a mystery at this point.

Here's the video mentioned above; the shot of Kane high-fiving his friend against the backdrop of the wild blue speaks volumes.

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