Brandon Hansen Admits to Taking Secret Videos of Naked Women in Tanning Booths

Last October, we told you about the arrest of Brandon Hansen, who was accused of surreptitiously taking videos of naked women in tanning booths.

Additionally, he allegedly spent days grabbing up-skirt footage at a Denver Pavilions escalator.

Now, Hansen has reportedly pleaded guilty to forty charges that had been leveled against him.

Photos, video, details and his original probable-cause statement below.

As we've reported, the document reveals that Hansen first got into trouble in late June 2014. The report says a security guard at Denver Pavilions watched him capture images under the skirts of women riding the escalators.

Hansen managed to rabbit before the guard could grab him. But the next day, there he was again, on view in surveillance footage that showed his modus operandi.

He'd allegedly wait at the bottom of the escalator for a woman wearing a skirt to board, then step behind her and place his cell phone under her nether regions.

After that, he'd hoof it down the stairs and hurry to the bottom of the escalator again in wait for his next victim.

Before long, Hansen was taken into custody, after which he was charged with 24 invasion-of-privacy counts and 35 more for attempted invasion of privacy, adding up to 59 allegations for his activities on that day alone, 7News reports.

That wasn't the end of Hansen's legal troubles, though, because over the next few weeks, the investigation revealed plenty of additional perviness. Hansen allegedly had 125 problematic videos on his cell phone.

Given his relentless focus on you-know-what, investigators couldn't always tell precisely where the videos were taken. There's mention of a Walmart and a light-rail station, for instance.

But DPD reps reached out to authorities in Jefferson County when they were able to zero in on an At the Beach tanning salon in Lakewood, where a slew of customers had apparently become unwitting stars in assorted Hansen opuses.

The First Judicial District DA's office notes that Hansen was busted by Lakewood police in August, after which he was charged with 26 counts — among them invasion of privacy for sexual gratification and second-degree burglary, for the way he got access to private booths at the salon. He was also cited for violating a preexisting protection order that forbade him from having a gun after one was found during a search of his house.

Number of victims: ten.

But that wasn't all. The First Judicial District DA's office subsequently filed eighteen additional counts against Hansen, citing another nine victims — nineteen all together.

Now, Hansen has pleaded guilty in Jefferson County court in regard to the offenses there: twenty burglary charges and twenty more related to invasion of privacy.

He's due to be sentenced on April 10.

Look below to see a Fox31 report from last year about Hansen's arrest, followed by the probable cause statement and two booking photos.

Brandon Hansen Summons

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