Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: Does getting married in Denver mean he loves the Mile High City, too?

We clicked on these Denver blogs. Maybe you should, too.

Ian Henson at Bronco Talk thinks Brandon Marshall may have chosen to get married in Denver because "subconsciously he feels that he's not going anywhere." Well, he did put a ring on it...

Over at 5280, Michael de Yoanna wonders if Leadville's Jamie Paulin-Ramirez might be an example of a trend toward "jihadi wannabes." Catchy name, anyhow.

WhoSaidYouSaid.com debuts a new video in which Mayor Chick (read: Hick) and Senator Bunny (read: Bennet) are eaten by a dog. True, the mayor and the senator are cookies -- but it's still gruesome!

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