Brett Reese, Greeley school board member, censured for teacher touching, not MLK hating

Earlier this year, Greeley-Evans school board member Brett Reese received Shmuck of the Week honors for being a gun-totin' hater of Martin Luther King, Jr.

But that's only the tip of his shmuckiness according to his fellow board members, who've censured him after accusations arose that he touched a teacher inappropriately and attended a board meeting drunk.

In January on his radio station, KELS-FM.104.7, Reese repeatedly read a letter branding Martin Luther King a sexual degenerate, a Communist and "a modern-day "plastic god." Unsurprisingly, a number of people with functioning brain stems disagreed with this description, prompting Reese to declare that he'd carry a gun to future school board meetings in order to protect himself against critics.

Shortly thereafter, a rival radio broadcaster maintained that Reese had threatened to use said weapon on him following a dispute about ad sales. The Weld County Sheriff's Office took the claim seriously enough to suspend Reese's conceal-carry permit.

Reese subsequently faded from the headlines, only to reappear with a vengeance earlier this month due to a letter sent to him by Greeley-Evans school board president Linda Trimberger. The missive cites a May 9 complaint that he "approached a teacher in her classroom at Winograd K-8 and engaged in conduct, including inappropriate touching and comments of a sexually suggestive nature, which violates multiple board policies" -- not to mention "allegations that you attended the Board meeting on May 9 while under the influence of alcohol." See the entire letter below.

This week, Reese defended himself to his peers, as well as to members of the press. In an account courtesy of, he said the complaint involved a teacher he and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Kelsey, had encountered after leaving a board meeting to get something to eat. During the conversation, Reese said he complimented the teacher on her wedding ring, after which she lifted her hand -- and while he briefly touched her finger, he didn't grab her hand.

As for the assertion that he'd attended a board meeting soused, he insisted that he doesn't drink and has never been intoxicated in his life. Which means, presumably, that his attacks on King and assorted gun shenanigans were performed stone-cold sober.

Whatever the case, members of the board voted this morning to publicly censure him. They can't kick him out, however, unless he misses three meetings in a row.

In the future, they'll undoubtedly be taking attendance very carefully. Look below to read Trimberger's letter to Reese.

Re: Allegations of Inappropriate Conduct

Dear Mr. Reese:

The Board has received a complaint that on Monday, May 9, you approached a teacher in her classroom at Winograd K-8 and engaged in conduct, including inappropriate touching and comments of a sexually suggestive nature, which violates multiple board policies. In addition, there were allegations that you attended the Board meeting on May 9 while under the influence of alcohol.

This conduct, if it occurred, violates the Board's policies for School Board Member Conduct (BC), Sexual Discrimination and Harassment (GBAA), and the Code of Ethics for School Board Members (BCA-E-1).

In accordance with Board policy (BCC), I attempted to discuss this matter with you privately last week but you refused to meet, and the Board intended to discuss it with you in executive session during our meeting on Monday night, May 16th but you left the meeting before we could convene the executive session.

We have scheduled special meetings of the Board for both Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00 a.m. in the Board room at the District administration building. It is the intent of the Board to meet in executive session on Wednesday morning to allow you the opportunity to respond to the most recent allegations of inappropriate conduct. If you fail or refuse to attend this meeting, the Board will complete its investigation and take action based upon the available information.

If you cannot attend the meeting Wednesday morning because of a legitimate scheduling conflict, please contact me immediately.


Linda J. Trimberger, President

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