Brett Reese, school board member, shills for civil handgun: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Get up to date now with this super Kimber .45 caliber concealed carry "Civilitator" handgun with a seven-round School Board special magazine. It's exactly the same model of handgun that Pirate Radio DJ and Greeley School Board member Brett Reese owns and is prohibited from carrying by the Weld County Sheriff. "Civilitator" features include... This fun pistol is endorsed by white nationalist groups and helps to keep adults from living a life of mediocrity that is proscribed by entrenched social leaders. The "Civilitator" package comes with a .45 caliber stainless steel handgun; a contrived shooting gallery of the perceived threats of celebrating a holiday honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.; an instruction manual with advice on how to shoot your own foot; a seven-shot Greeley School Board magazine; and a backtracking sight that spreads the blame.

No background check or mental competence required. Just strap to your hip and start shooting from the lip.

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