Brian Bonsall, Family Ties alum, current train wreck -- and medical marijuana poster boy?

Back in December, Family Ties moppet turned accused assaulter Brian Bonsall made our Busted Former Child Star Mug Shot Hall of Fame thanks to the image seen here -- and his arrest back then apparently whetted his appetite for even more interactions with law enforcement.

On Friday, he was back in court after testing positive for marijuana, which broke the conditions of his bond.

Bonsall swears he's applied for a medical marijuana card, but authorities say he hasn't received one yet.

Does this kind of claim help, hurt or have no effect on legislation pushed forward by Senator Chris Romer about the relationship between doctors and medical marijuana patients -- a measure founded in part on the assumption that many of the medical marijuana prescriptions written to date are highly dubious?

The latter, probably. These days, anyone who's busted for marijuana is likely to insist that the weed was intended for medical purposes -- and given Bonsall's track record of late, his assertion isn't likely to be viewed with a great deal of credibility by either side in this issue. He may have cleaned up appearance-wise since the mug shot seen above, judging by a photo accompanying the Boulder Daily Camera linked above, but from a legal standpoint, he's still a mess.

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