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Brian Candelaria & Skyler Bradley's Road Rage Dumbassery = YouTube Stardom

Our regular search for Schmucks of the Week has been aided immeasurably over the years by YouTube.

After all, it's a lot harder to deny you've acted like an idiot if your idiocy was captured on camera.

That was definitely the case for Brian Candelaria and Skyler Bradley, who were both cited in a road rage incident thanks to Joel Hartzell, a Colorado Springs delivery driver who just happened to have his dash cam on at the perfect moment.

Candelaria's Facebook page features this photo....

...but not a whole lot else — at least not for public consumption.

In contrast, Bradley posts a bit more frequently, sharing portraits like this one.... well as this shot of his motorcycle parked outside a dispensary circa June 3.

He was astride his bike again on June 6, when he and Candelaria met in a most unpleasant way.

At around 11:30 p.m. that evening, as seen in the video, Bradley zoomed up alongside Candelaria's car on Nevada Avenue, not far from I-25 in the Springs.

While in this position, Bradley angrily gesticulates at Candelaria, who responds by turning directly into the motorcycle, causing it to wipe out in a spray of sparks.

The complete clip is below, but here's a screen capture showing the moment of impact.

Afterward, Hartzell posted the video along with this description:
I guess the Mustang had cut off the biker's girlfriend before this video started, she's driving the white car that pulls up at the end.

I was just trying to deliver some calzones yo.
Although Bradley took most of the physical damage from the run-in (although the video shows him quickly hopping up after hitting the pavement), the Colorado Springs Police Department didn't absolve him of all wrong-doing. Candelaria was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, while Bradley is facing a harassment beef.

But at least the pair earned some measure of Internet fame, however fleeting. At this writing, Hartzell's video has been viewed more than 195,000 times.

You'll be able to add to that number below, after taking a glance at their respective mug shots — a different way to commemorate their schmuckiness.

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