Broncos playoffs-challenge trivia, day five: Test how big a fan you really are!

Yep, Tim Tebow and the Broncos are in the playoffs, and each day this week, to get you ready for Saturday's showdown with the New England Patriots, we're going to put real fans to the test with brain teasers from the Denver Broncos Trivia Game (the 1985 version, which I just found at a local antique mall). Warning: They're super-tough, just like the Broncos will need to be. Look below for our final batch of questions, then flip the page for answers. Question 1: "Who was the only team to defeat the Broncos at home during the 1984 regular season?"

Question 2: "Otis Armstrong graduated from what university?"

Question 3: "Who was the Broncos' first head coach?"

Question 4: "Dennis, Aaron, Paul and Ed are Broncos with what common last name?"

Question 5: "What coaching position did Dan Reeves hold with the Dallas Cowboys prior to becoming head coach of the Broncos?"

Page down for the answers! Answer 1: The Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks' upset win over the New Orleans Saints in last year's playoffs was among the biggest postseason upsets ever. Was Denver's win over the Steelers last Sunday even bigger?

Answer 2: Purdue.

Armstrong was truly a remarkable talent, and while he stuck around in the league for eight years, he was hampered by injuries that prevented him from putting up even more spectacular numbers.

Answer 3: Frank Filchock.

Filchock played pro football beginning in the late 1930s, with squads such as the Pittsburgh Pirates (yes, you read right) and the Washington Redskins. He coached the Broncos from 1960-1961.

Answer 4: Smith.

Okay, not a tough one to guess. But Dennis Smith in particular was amazing, landing on this list of the top ten Broncos of all-time.

Answer 5: Offensive coordinator.

This year, of course, the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs. And the Broncos? Where there's life, there's hope -- and they're still alive.

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