Top Tweets From People Ashamed to Be Broncos Fans After Bengals Disaster

The caption on this photo reads: "Thanks @johnelway and my @PostBroncos @Broncos 54+ year fan and I’m embarrassed."
The caption on this photo reads: "Thanks @johnelway and my @PostBroncos @Broncos 54+ year fan and I’m embarrassed." @coachdags
The Denver Broncos' 20-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at home on Sunday, November 19, represents the latest low point in a season full of them. On Twitter, fans who've previously called for the signing of controversial QB Colin Kaepernick or (God help us) Tim Tebow and the firing of first-year head coach Vance Joseph reacted emotionally, expressing humiliation over the squad's sorry performance, as seen in our top tweets roundup below.

The die for the latest disaster was cast early. The Broncos defense, which had seemingly given up the will to live during recent shellackings at the hands of the rising Philadelphia Eagles and the much-hated New England Patriots, stopped quarterback Andy Dalton and the Cincy offense on a first possession that ended with a blocked punt by Shaquil Barrett and a Denver recovery. Six plays later, reviled prodigal son Brock Osweiler took a third-and-three snap from the Bengals four-yard line with a field goal try looming as the likeliest worst-case scenario. But, no: Osweiler threw the stupidest interception in the history of stupid interceptions, and lucky recipient Dre Kirkpatrick ran it back for what would have been an easy touchdown had he not fumbled the ball to himself at the last second. Minutes later came a Bengals touchdown of the sort capable of causing an intracranial embolism.

The game wasn't officially over at that point, but it might as well have been. And now Broncos loyalists are faced with a week in which the main debate will be over whether the outfit is "soft," as was suggested by none other than executive John Elway.

In the meantime, plenty of longtime Broncos boosters are filled with shame and embarrassment. Feel their pain below.

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