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Broncos vs. Packers: Ticket Scammers May Leave Fans Hanging

Psst, hey you! Want some tickets to the Broncos-Packers game? Well, then you're gonna have to pay up. Much has been made of the game between these two unbeatens, which takes place Sunday night at Sports Authority Field – and in front of a national TV audience – since it is one of only a handful of times that two 6-0 teams have played one another during a regular NFL season.

Much has been made of the tickets prices as well.

As we reported last week, ticket prices were starting at $400 and ranged all the way up to $6,000 at one point. A quick check online on Friday afternoon showed that tickets were still starting at around $350. Or are they?

On Thursday, both the Broncos and the Denver Police Department issued warnings to fans who are thinking about buying tickets from scalpers or on Craigslist or on after-market ticketing websites, saying that the risk of a scam are high because tickets prices are so astronomical.

"Often times, people come in from out of town," DPD commander Tony Lopez told 9News on Thursday. "They get to the game, they scan their ticket only to learn they've been duped, and they've lost a large sum of money. The best thing you can do is buy from friends, buy from relatives, buy from associates. I strongly recommend you don't buy from strangers because you don't know what you're getting."

Lopez told the station he expects to see this happen a lot this weekend.

It doesn't take much to get people's blood boiling in the stands at a Broncos game. Fights between fans of the orange-and-blue and fans of the other team usually leave plenty of schmucks in their wake. In this case, however, Broncos and Packers fans are in it together when it comes to the real jerks: online scam artists who take advantage of people by selling fake tickets.
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