Brooke Mueller, Shmuck: Will she out-Charlie Sheen her ex in Aspen?

It can't have been easy to be married to Charlie Sheen: Tiger Blood just isn't the basis for a happy union. But that doesn't excuse Brooke Mueller for her #winning cocaine arrest last weekend near the Belly Up in Aspen -- the scene of another Shmucky episode just two week ago -- or her excuse to the cops that she was trying to "impress her friends." According to the Aspen Times, that's what Mueller, a 34-year-old "actress" who married Sheen in 2008 and had his twins in 2009, told police when they allegedly found her holding four grams of Aspen's other white powder.

The paper's source said Mueller also "poked the arresting officer in the chest to emphasize her point."

Mueller, who lives in Los Angeles, has been preliminarily charged with felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and misdemeanor assault on another woman at Belly Up. She is free on $11,000 bond and has flown back to Los Angeles to be with the kids.

Mueller and Sheen were divorced earlier this year, a year and a half after Sheen was arrested and at the couple's Aspen house and charged with assaulting and menacing Mueller. He later pleaded guilty to one count.

Mueller has denied all the charges. But it's still unlikely that the ski town will be using the famous couple in promotional materials any time soon.

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