Broomfield estate sale merchandise left in driveway goes up in flames, sets house ablaze

In most cases of arson, the furniture that's destroyed is inside the house. But not so in the case of a Broomfield fire late last week. In that incident, furniture left on a home's driveway in anticipation of an estate sale was torched, with the house subsequently going up in flames.

A Broomfield Police Department investigation of the blaze is ongoing. In the meantime, get the basics in this release from the North Metro Fire Rescue District.


Broomfield, CO -- At approximately 2:20 a.m. [on September 24], 22 fire fighters from North Metro Fire Rescue District responded to a report of a fire in front of a home on a driveway. The original call came from a neighbor who spotted the blaze. The home was located at 1117 Eagle Road in the Country Club subdivision of Broomfield. The first-arriving fire fighters found that the fire had grown and extended up from the driveway into the eaves and attic of the house. Crews discovered fire had pushed through second floor windows and ignited two bedrooms on the second floor.

A single resident was home at the time of the fire. He was able to self-evacuate and did not receive any injuries. He will be displaced until repairs can be made to his home.

The exact cause of the fire has not been determined, and is currently under investigation. The fire did originate on the driveway amongst items that the homewoner had placed there for an upcoming estate sale.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.