Brotherly Love

Offense Report No: 07-5001765 Date: 1-24-2007 Location of Offense: Denver Rescue Mission Type of Premises: Other Weapon/Tool used: None

The 24-year-old victim who filed this report wrote:

"On July 5, 2006 my identical twin brother, Jaime, was arrested in the Civic Center Park in Denver for being out after the curfew. After failing to produce any kind of identification card he was brought in for booking where he gave officials my name, birth date, social security number -- presumably he had memorized this information after breaking into my files when I let him stay at my apartment. But the rest of the essentials like the mother's maiden name, place of birth were details that he of course remembered. In order to correct this wrong perpetrated by my brother, I was told to go to the CBI and file a misidentification report. On July 10, I filed the report with the [police] fingerprint examiner. This report established that Jaime's fingerprints taken on his booking did not match mine.

"I had a moral problem with pressing charges on my brother, and so I elected to carry a letter signed by the fingerprint examiner that would let any employer know that any criminal background check may turn up an alias of my behalf -- the alias used by my brother to impersonate me. This string of impersonations was all probably an attempt to avoid being arrested for abandoning his probation. Most recently, and of express importance in this police report, is that on January 20th, 2007, I received a letter from a collection agency informing me of a $961.99 debt with a Northglenn Ambulance company. Of course, I wasn't surprised to see this because of Jaime's history of impersonating me. Immediately I sought out the assistance of Melanie at the billing department of Northglenn Ambulance. She told me that on the morning of June 1, 2006, at 7:47, their ambulance dispatch received a call that a tenant at the Denver Rescue Mission, my brother Jaime, had gotten into a fight, and further that the attacker had stabbed Jaime."

Family can be complicated.-- Jared Jacang Maher

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