Burke O'Connell on Patriots Win Super Bowl 50 Tattoo: "F*ck Everybody!"

You've got to hand it to Burke O'Connell.

The New England Patriots fan was so sure Tom Brady and the Pats were going to defeat the Broncos in the AFC championship this past Sunday, and then go on to victory two weeks later, that last Friday, he got a tattoo declaring the team the winner of Super Bowl 50.

But rather than moping about what a dumbass he is, like most of us would have done in a similar circumstance, he's loving every minute of his newfound notoriety.

Here's a photo of the tattoo by artist Milk Tatz that O'Connell posted on his Facebook page the day before the game along with a caption that reads: "NO FILTER ON THIS!!!! WE GOT THIS.... SUPERBOWL WE R THE FUCKIN BEST."

Shortly thereafter, O'Connell boasted about the immediate media attention he was getting in the Boston area.

"Got Doug Meehan 12 News talking about my tattoo my brotha MILK TATZ did," he wrote in text that accompanies this screen capture:

He added: "lol can't wait to hear all the comment."

The following Monday, after the Broncos beat the Patriots 20-18, O'Connell would have seemed a likely candidate for suicide.

But no: He was absolutely psyched, as is clear from this video.

He was even more overjoyed when WCVB-TV.News Channel 5 in Boston wanted to do a story about his ink.

In the next video he shared, he says, "Hey, for all you fuckin' haters out there, News Channel 5's comin' to the crib! So fuck everybody! That fuckin' shit worked! All that for exposure! That's the best shit ever! All those motherfuckers talkin' shit!"

Here's that clip.

In the hours that followed, O'Connell shared a pic of the Channel 5 interview....

...and a shot of his other prominent, if less newsworthy, tattoos:

He was clearly happy with the story that resulted.

In it, he makes it clear he has no regrets about the tattoo. "They're champs anyway. We got four rings," he's quoted as saying. "We're the best anyway regardless if we win or lose."

Once a Patriots fan, always a Patriots fan.

Look below to see one more video from O'Connell — one that shows him watching the Channel 5 story. He captions it, "Almost dropped the F BOMB."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.