Call It Melo-Yellow

Anyone who has seen the ubiquitous new Melo commercials pimp-limping their way through prime-time television knows two things. One, Carmelo Anthony is a badass. Two, he is a mogul who has his hands in many pies.

The latest pie is energy drinks, with Melo bringing his own take on the phenomenon, C1.5 Extreme Energy Drink, to Denver in late December. (It's available in Syracuse this week). The 1.5 in the drink's name is meant to commemorate the amount of time Melo spent in college.

Times two.

Melo's new drink is hyped as giving people "the Energy to Win." Which means it will fill the niche in the energy-drink market for people who are out there kicking ass, doing well, about to win and then all of a sudden are like, "you know, I really don't think I have the energy to seal the deal on this victory. If there was only some way of getting that energy into my system, say in convenient drink form."

Exactly. But as Dan the Man Mayer, the energy-drink guru I profiled back in August, could tell you, energy drinks are not only a me-too market, they're a profitable one. And energy drink costs about one cent more to make than a regular Coke, he says, and energy drinks sells for twice the price of your average pop.

In Melo's world, that means another win. --Adam Cayton-Holland

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