Calvin Nagy, Colorado's Most Wanted Sex Offender, Busted in Mexico

Last week, we shared an updated list of Colorado's 100 most wanted sex offenders, sixteen of whom had recently been taken into custody. And number one on that roster was Vail resident Calvin Nagy, who's been at large since February.

Now, however, Nagy's been found -- in Mexico. Continue for details, including a veritable mug-shot timeline of his troubles with the law.

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Nagy, who's now 38, was first convicted of sexual assault in 1996 -- and thanks to the City of Boulder and other sources, we were able to find a slew of Nagy booking photos over the years. Here's one....

...and another.... ...and a third: Despite all these sessions before the city's photog, Nagy wound up receiving only a probationary sentence for his crime. But the criminal justice system changed that equation last November, when, as the Boulder Daily Camera reports, he was convicted of sexual assault, third-degree assault, attempted third-degree assault, criminal mischief and menacing. Nagy was due to be sentenced the following February -- and in the meantime, he was freed on a $7,500 bond. As a condition of his release, Fox31 notes that he was required to check in daily with a community justice services representative from Vail, where he was living at the time. But the week of his court date, where he faced a possible life sentence, the calls stopped and Nagy dropped off the grid.

In short order, Nagy was elevated to number one on the state's 100 Most Wanted Sex Offenders list, as depicted in this graphic:

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Despite this status, he remained at large until a few days ago. The Camera reveals that a tip pointed investigators toward Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where Nagy was taken into custody. He was booked back in Boulder early yesterday morning.

We're betting he won't be getting bail this time around. Here's Nagy's most recent mug shot.

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