Campus Press Documents, Part 1: The Yulsman Statement

The April 10 Message column, about the future of the Campus Press, the University of Colorado Boulder’s student-operated campus newspaper, quotes briefly from a statement read at an early April faculty meeting by faculty member Tom Yulsman (seen here in a photograph that appears courtesy of the Press), who speaks for himself and several other members of the journalism department. Below, find the entire document, which champions independence for the publication and eschews the concept of prior restraint even as it makes note of the need to balance the student-run model with the fact that the Press is presently a for-credit part of the CU curriculum. -- Michael Roberts


Members of the print and broadcast faculty met on Monday to discuss the Campus Press. We agreed that it should remain an independent student media voice because we strongly uphold the principle of freedom of expression. In keeping with this principle, the news faculty unequivocally state that we have no desire to exercise prior restraint over student expression.

Moving forward, we are working to find a resolution to a paradox at the center of the current Campus Press model. On the one hand, it is an independent student voice. On the other hand, it is a class – students who work on the Campus Press do so for academic credit, which means that faculty are responsible for their learning experiences. In grappling with this issue, we will be guided by our dedication to freedom of expression and excellent teaching. Our overarching goal is to help our students uphold the very highest standards of professional and ethical practice in journalism. In seeking a solution, we will work through the long established curricular procedures of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

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