Can't Bring DerMarr Johnson Down

The Greenwood Village cop that tasered Denver Nugget DerMarr Johnson at the Purple Martini in the Denver Tech Center early Saturday morning should’ve known it would take a lot more than a little shock to bring the big man down.

Despite being 6’ 9” and 210 pounds, Johnson has endured much hardship in his young life. He escaped the temptations of drug dealing and gang banging in one of Washington D.C.’s hardest hoods and grabbed headlines as one of the best high school ballers in the nation. Johnson opted for college instead of the NBA, but left school early and went to play in Atlanta, where a car crash nearly took his life.

The 27-year-old Johnson sat on the bench through the last three of the Nuggets' playoff losses to the San Antonio Spurs and only played about ten minutes a game this season. And although the shock didn’t bring him down at the Purple Martini, unfortunately for Johnson, the bad press from the tasering may prove to be just the spark that the Nuggets needed ... to let him go now that he is no longer under contract with the team. --Luke Turf

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Crystal Preston-Watson