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Carmelo Anthony & other CO celebs who should be shot into space: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

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Boeing announced on Monday that it would be entering into a partnership with space tourism company Space Adventures to offer tourists rides on its CST-100 spacecraft. The rides will begin in 2015, and Boeing estimates that a passenger ticket on the spacecraft will range from $20 million to $50 million.

That price point is a bit out of range for most Coloradans, but it doesn't stop us from fantasizing about which of the state's wealthier residents we would like to see shot into space. There are probably even a few residents who could obtain a ticket just through donations...

It is rumored that in outer space, no one can hear you scream. However, with the trio pictured above of Dan Caplis, Josh McDaniels and Empress Mercedes Chanel, no one would be able to get a scream in edgewise!

When it comes to intergalactic hissy fits, I'm guessing that by day three, Empress Chanel would probably seem the most butch of this group.

The most well-mannered group of Coloradans would probably be it's three wealthiest socialites, as shown below...

The trio of Larry Mizel, Judi Wolf and the Mattress King Commercial Kid pictured above, look like a modern-day version of the Cherry Creek Family Robinson. Long-winded Larry and Jolly Judy probably have three-billion-light-years' worth of faith-based lessons for the poor unsuspecting Mattress King Commercial Kid.

Click below to see the local celebrities who would most likely receive numerous cash donations to offset the expense of being sent into outer space...

What great joy to think of John Andrews, Jon Caldara and Amy Oliver Cooke out in space and on their own. It is fun to imagine the three pictured above sitting silently deadlocked in moral superiority.

But that would pale in comparison to the fantastic voyage of Douglas Bruce. As seen below, he would have to share his flight with Colorado's least favorite couple...

Imagine the contributions that the Colorado trio pictured above could bring to the International Space Station. Ward Churchill could demand that a smoking porch be added, Douglas Bruce could turn it into a slum, and Freda Poundstone could write an amendment to keep it from becoming a sanctuary city. And, speaking of undocumented aliens, Ground Control would surely want to talk to Major Tom... Houston, we have a problem. Tom Tancredo, pictured in the center above, says he won't get out of the ship until Dan Maes (left) and John Hickenlooper (right) drop out of space.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.