Carmelo Anthony on Conan: Melo rejected Denver but still loves Denver omelettes (VIDEO)

The biggest clue that Carmelo Anthony would be traded yesterday? The Nuggets allowed him to skip practice in order to appear on last night's edition of Conan.

The result was some mighty strange TV, since the interview was taped before Anthony could talk about the deal, but aired after news broke. See the weird clip below.

Robbed of the opportunity to announce the story, host Conan O'Brien was left to riff about the prospect of Anthony winding up as a member of the New York Knicks. To that end, he asked Melo if he'd prefer filling his hungry stomach with a Denver omelette, salt-water taffy from New Jersey or Manhattan clam chowder. Anthony responded by saying Denver omelettes have a lot of good things in them, including green peppers and ham, and they're pretty filling -- so he'd opt for that dish over the other two.

Now, of course, Nuggets fans mourning Carmelo's decision to get out of Colorado can envision him digging into a Denver omelette from his new home in NYC. How's that make your breakfast settle?

Here's the interview segment:

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