Carmelo Anthony sings, dresses in drag on Saturday Night Live (VIDEOS)

This past weekend, Carmelo Anthony -- you know, that guy who used to be Denver's best basketball player until the new Nuggets showed up and started kicking major ass (GAAAAAAALLO!) -- did something in New York that he could have never, ever done in Denver: took just a few hours out of his busy game-playing schedule to dress up like a lady... on national television.

Melo had a few cameos on the most recent episode Saturday Night Live: one as a female shot put champion named Carmela St. Nix and another as a singing space cop in Laser Cats, the Musical. Neither performance makes the case that Melo should quit his day job, but they do go to show that his New York ambitions were about more than basketball. We now know they involve Elton John, Tom Hanks and awkward jokes about KY Jelly.

See clips of Melo in drag (and in a space suit) below.

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