Carmelo Anthony trade: On ESPN, Melo takes league lead in lying about Nuggets, Nets, Knicks

The longer the suspense over a possible Carmelo Anthony trade to New Jersey drags out, the more the pressure builds for Anthony and fans -- like this reader, who just wants the Melo drama to end.

Sorry, but there's no resolution yet -- and in an ESPN interview on view below and post-game comments following last night's Nugs loss, Anthony dodged the truth like John Edwards with an erection.

In a portion of his ESPN chat with correspondent Colleen Dominguez not included in the following cilp, Anthony said he didn't want to handle his contract issues as LeBron James did prior to his leap to the Miami Heat. But that doesn't mean he's suddenly decided to be forthright.

Indeed, Anthony dodged responsibility for setting trade rumors in motion, insisting that he never demanded a ticket out of Denver, and he avoided directly answering most questions about preferred landing spots with claims that he hadn't made up his mind and was weighing his options.

Yeah, sure.

Still, it wasn't hard to figure out that the prospect of staying in Colorado is mighty low on his list. He told Dominguez that he hasn't had a good night's sleep since Thanksgiving, adding that "I never do have a good night's sleep out here in Denver due to the thin air" -- and if you couldn't get decent rest at home for eight years, you'd want to move, too, wouldn't you? As for the pros of staying with the Nuggets, the best reasons he could muster were, "It's there" and "I've bled on this court" -- the latter in the context of implying that Nugs boosters haven't appreciated his efforts enough.

Regarding a possible shift to the Nets, Anthony noted that after its upcoming move to Brooklyn, the franchise will be based five minutes from where he was raised, and he brightened at the prospect of opening a new arena there. Moreover, he made it clear how much he'd enjoy returning in triumph to either his old stamping grounds or those of his New York City-bred wife, LaLa Vazquez. "That's like the ultimate dream at the end of the day," he maintained. "Who wouldn't want to go back home?"

Last night, however, Melo responded to reports that he would meet this week with Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov and minority owner Jay-Z by claiming no knowledge of the situation whatsoever -- an assertion that doesn't just strain credulity, but snaps it like a dried wishbone. In all likelihood, Melo would still prefer to play for the Knicks, not the Nets, and if making more bullshit public statements helps that happen, so be it. After all, he's quite an expert at bullshit public statements by now. Here's the lion's share of the ESPN interview:

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