Carmen Wysong, schmucky Girl Scouts troop leader, stole thousands in cookie money

'Tis the season when those of us who were cornered by co-workers and cajoled into buying a ton o' Girl Scout cookies realize: We made the right decision! After all, Tagalongs are as delicious as their name is stupid -- and we know the cash is going to a good cause.

But that wasn't the case for those who patronized Girl Scout Troop 12671 in Grand Junction. Last year, the money went to Carmen Wysong, who's pleaded guilty to swiping thousands in cookie receipts and spending the dough on...herself.

In March 2012, as reported by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Wysong told cops a bag filled with fundraising money had vanished from her roommate's dresser, where she'd left it.

How much was in the bag? The troop reportedly sold nearly 2,000 boxes of cookies, netting $6,870.

The missing-bag claim cast suspicion on the roommate, who was a co-manager, with Wysong, of the troop. But she not only offered to take a polygraph in an effort to prove her innocence, but revealed that upon returning home from a vacation, she found a note from Wysong's former husband complaining that his ex had "drained" his account, according to an affidavit cited by the Sentinel.

Finally, in late September, Wysong was quizzed by an investigator. She claimed she'd left the cash in the bank bag rather than deposit it because she was confined to her house.

Why? Because she'd been fitted with an ankle monitor owing to a probationary sentence connected to an accessory-to-a-crime beef back in 2007.

Shockingly enough, Wysong was much less eager to undergo a polygraph exam than was her roommate. In the end, she admitted she'd taken the moolah and spent it on rent and a truck payment, among other things.

Now, notes the Associated Press, Wysong has pleaded guilty to felony theft and a probation violation. Her punishment, to be formalized in May, will include the forced repayment of just over $4,000.

Oh yeah: Troop 12671 was disbanded after the money went missing, and as of last November, none of the seven girls in it had rejoined the scouts.

Did Wysong's actions sour the girls on the scouting experience for all time? If so, she's an even bigger schmuck than we thought. No Thin Mints for her.

Here's a larger look at her booking photo.

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