Carol Kreck being rousted last July.
Carol Kreck being rousted last July.

Case against McCain-protester Carol Kreck dropped; lawsuit to follow

Last July, we told you about the case of Carol Kreck, who was ticketed outside a town hall for Republican presidential candidate John McCain for carrying a sign reading, shockingly enough, "McCain = Bush." Kreck, a former Denver Post reporter then working as a librarian, wasn't cowed by this treatment, showing up at another McCain event later that month packing the same sign -- and she was eager to stand trial for her offense. But no: The Post reports that the City of Denver has dropped the case against Kreck, allegedly because a judge had earlier ruled that the Performing Arts Complex galleria from which she'd been removed isn't a public forum, presumably undermining a potential civil-rights lawsuit. Even so, attorney David Lane, finally off Ward Churchill duty, promises to sue the city anyway, charging cops with violating Kreck's civil rights. Hell hath no fury like a librarian scorned.

Click "Continue" to see a video from last year of Kreck being taken away, ha-ha.


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