Castle-building fairies overrun Sloan's Lake: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decorations... Fairies, pixies, sprites: Call them what you will. But the stone castle mini-mansion pictured above is proof that small, elusive beings with a capricious nature have moved onto a rock pile in Sloan Lake. There goes the neighborhood... The height of the doors and windows in the miniature castle pictured above suggest that the inhabitants are about four inches tall. The number of doors and windows intimates that the residents prefer natural lighting in their home and want easy access to the great outdoors.

The smaller structure built to the right of the castle insinuates that the castle dwellers possess either small draft animals or tiny machines that emit noxious fumes. Or the small building may be a stone outhouse, as the lack of vent stacks on the castle's roof hints that the building is not hooked up to the city's sewer system.

A detailed view of the building also indicates that the resident fairies may be at war with enemy forces... The photograph above reveals small details of castle construction that seem to indicate troubles at home. The slapdash mortar joints and haphazardly placed rocks atop the turrets don't match the fine stone-fitting and color-matched bonding of the castle's base, which can only mean that the residents have switched contractors or no longer have time to spend on the practice of quality craftsmanship.

The entry door appears to be blocked by a tiny concrete barricade and hints that the resident's time and energy is now preoccupied with defending the tiny castle from unwanted intruders. More's the pity. It is extremely hard for fairies to build a beautiful home if they don't feel welcomed in the neighborhood.

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