Cat is Back!

The Cat's Pajamas is taking a much-needed stretch after a mid-winter cat nap. You see, Cat really hates the cold. Sure, the first day is all sledding and hot chocolate and weeee!, but by week six, nobody looks cute in stocking caps and knitted scarves. Everyone just looks disheveled and pissed off — and really sick of cocoa. So Cat spent some time in her sunny place -- where nobody has to wear mittens or is caught dead in leggings under formalwear -- and is now emerging. Just in time, too, for Design After Dark, happening this Friday, January 26, at Wings Over the Rockies (771 East Academy Boulevard in Lowry).

You see, Cat had to come out of her cabin fever because she had nothing to wear. Nada. Zilch. Empty closets. So she hit Saks and Neimans and Nordstrom and Bluefly and even Anthropologie looking for the perfect dress to wear to a party that promises to be Burning Man meets black tie. Sassy and sexy and not black. Because Lord knows, everyone in town always wears black to these things. After several days and much agonizing, this is what she found.

Visit Cat on Monday to see photos of what Denver's other party people were wearing. Or better yet, go yourself. Tickets are just $35 for those under 35, and $70 for everyone else ($45 and $90 day of the show). The proceeds benefit the Denver Art Museum's Department of Architecture, Design & Graphics. Snag tickets here.

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Amy Haimerl