Cat's Turn!

An Anthroplogie dress Cat would like for spring.
The Tamarac Square Fashion Project debuts this evening, March 28, so in honor of that, Cat took a little dose of her own questionnaire. If you wanted to know, Cat has answered... See you on the runway at 7 p.m. , 7777 East Hampden Avenue.

Name: The Cat's Pajamas

Company name: Westword

Years designing: Since I was a kitten.

Denver celebrity you'd most like to design for? Pam Grier

What inspires you? (No fair saying everything; be specific.) Fabric. I fall in love with fabric and then decide what to do with it.

An Eva Franco that Cat has been coveting on
Favorite Denver eatery? Duo, Potager, Cafe Star, Mama's, El Taco de Mexico, Gaia...Cat likes to eat.

Favorite local boutique? Fabric Lab, Mona Lucero, Eve, Frolik, Rare Bird...

Favorite fabric? Velvet, broadcloth, linen, cotton voile. Oh, Swiss dot. That's what Cat loves.

Favorite way to finish seams? French seams

Prints or solids? Cat always seems to need solids in her wardrobe, but she's attracted to prints first..

Dogs or cats? Obviously cats, but also dogs. Big dogs. Cat has two monster dogs and three cats — down from five.

Kate Moss or Linda Evangelista? Actually, Carre Otis.

Favorite guilty pleasure? Spending all day curled on the couch with a book; playing hooky from work and walking the dogs in Chatfield.

This Irregular Choice shoe calls out to Cat. Plus, their mascot is a Rottie dog!
Last book you read? That Cat'll admit to: Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, by Elizabeth Gilbert That Cat won't: Kill Me, by Stephen White (Colorado author!)

Red chili or green chile? Hot green or my vegetarian red

New York or L.A.? New York.

Chloe Dao or Jeffrey Sebelia? Michael, pre-collection meltdown.

Loose or tailored? Cat has a vision of herself wearing perfectly tailored and put-together outfits, but her reality is jeans and T-shirts. Cat hates sitting at a desk all day in a skirt or fancy clothes. How do you spread out and get anything done? Then again, Cat's a small-town tomboy and cowboy's daughter.

Jacqueline Kennedy or Jackie Brown? Love, love, love Jackie O and her perfectly tailored image. But Jackie Brown is Cat's role model. When Cat doesn't know what to do, she just asks, WWJD? Either way, it works.

Town or country? Both. Cat can just as easily drink beer on a tailgate as clean up for dinner and the theater.

Silk charmeuse or silk shantung? Shantung.

Couture or ready-to-wear? Both

Curvy or androgynous? Curvy

Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan? Paris Hilton was once Cat's intern. She saw her once and then never again.

Michael Kors or Zac Posen? Zac

Jeans or slacks? Jeans

Bill Ritter or John Hickenlooper? Plead the Fifth.

Escalade or Prius? Mini Cooper — if only they were diesel so Cat could run biodiesel.

Vogue or W? W

Favorite current couture designer? Alexander McQueen, Costume National.

Favorite past couture designer? Givenchy and Mainboucher.

Sleek or volume? Vision: Sleek Reality: Volume

Form or function? Vision: Form Reality: Function

Favorite place to travel for inspiration? Anywhere Cat can drive

Favorite place to travel for fabric? New York Garment District

Polkadots or camouflage? Why both together, of course.

Pretty or edgy? Pretty, but not sweet pretty, rock pretty

Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn? Make it work!

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Amy Haimerl