CCN Honors Homeless Motel Resident Kids

We are all products of our environment and it is scary to imagine what products stem from the environment of the sleazy East Colfax motels. But, in the face of homelessness, seven young boys and girls are being honored for the hardships they’ve overcome.

The end of the East Colfax motels began with plans to redevelop the old Fitzsimons Army hospital out near East Colfax and I-225. The plans spawned a buying frenzy of the properties across the street (profiled in the May 17 feature Motel Hell), including several old run-down motels that once stood as shining symbols of America’s wealth but are now dens of poverty, drugs and prostitution.

Seven of the kids who live in those motels are being honored at the Colfax Community Network’s second annual “Tomorrow’s Promise” luncheon at the Denver Renaissance Hotel, 3801 Quebec Street, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. this Friday.

CCN was established in 1999 to help kids cope with growing up in the East Colfax motels by offering after-school programs, summer camp and support groups. Several of the children will perform a program created for the luncheon, and tickets are still available for $35 by calling Emily or Maggie at 303-360-9175. Poet Michael Henry will also deliver the keynote speech.

As this year winds down and the motels slowly begin their demolition to make way for the new condos and shopping center, these youngsters who are being honored on Friday, characters developed living in sub-par conditions, are only beginning their rise to the top. -- Luke Turf

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Sean Cronin